10 reasons to use videos on your intranet

why to use videos on your intranet

Videos have made a breakthrough in intranets and internal communications during the last few years. Many organizations are moving away from just publishing news and sharing documents on their intranet. And no wonder. Benefits for using videos in internal communication are many and varied.

When done smartly, video is an effective way to get the desired message through – whether it is a polished strategy video, training video or a fast shoot video report from the field recorded with a smartphone.

We utilize videos in Blue Meteorite, for example, by recording all internal training and info sessions with Skype for Business and sharing all recordings in our video portal. So also those who were unable to attend due to scheduling reasons, can participate afterwards through the recording.

Top 10 internal communication videos:

  1. Mission and vision statements
  2. Team spirit lifting
  3. Company announcements and other events
  4. Internal trainings
  5. How-to videos
  6. Product presentations
  7. Launch videos
  8. Video blogging
  9. New employee introductions
  10. Best practices from the field

Office 365 Video

Technology-wise Microsoft has responded nicely to intranet video needs. Office 365 Video, also known as “the internal Youtube”, is available at no extra cost on all Office 365 users (at least in the E level plan or an equivalent educational package). Video portal is ready to use and very user-friendly. You can get the Office 365 Video app for your iPhone too and publish videos instantly, easily and fast.

Office 365 Video

However, in internal communications point of view it is not enough that the videos can only be found in the video portal, but they need to be published in the relevant communication channel, in most cases to the SharePoint-based intranet. So far, the only way to do it has been a bit clumsy copy-paste of the embed code to the desired SharePoint page. The soon coming Video Picker feature makes it easy to connect a single video to a SharePoint page.

Latest videos automatically to intranet

When there are lots of videos, manual linking is no longer enough. Valo Intranet’s Latest Office 365 Videos feature makes it possible to publish latest videos from any Office 365 Video channel automatically to the desired SharePoint pages. With Latest Office 365 Videos feature it is for instance easy to manage and show the latest training and how-to videos as part of the HR section – without any manual work.

Valo Latest Office 365 Videos

New features in Office 365 Video

Development does not stop there. Office 365 Video is gaining a number of new features in the near future:

  • Video Picker – connect a single video to the desired SharePoint page easily
  • Basic Analytics – how many people have viewed your videos, viewing duration, how many stops viewing, trends
  • Choose Your Own Thumbnail – you can choose or upload your own thumbnail for your video
  • Upload Your Own Subtitle Files – subtitle videos in webvtt format. Supports multiple languages, and subtitles are indexed to SharePoint search
  • Improved Upload Experience – new centralized upload experience
  • Owner and People Metadata – makes it possible to attach metadata about people to your video, e.g. the video owner and persons occurring in the video
  • Download Link – the administrator can allow downloading the video file to your computer (to be consumed in the airplane for example)
  • Channel Recycle Bin – channel-specific recycle bin for deleted videos – a deleted video can be restored within 90 days
  • Channel Storage Metrics – an administrator tool that lets you see how much space the videos are currently consuming

Videos are here to stay and the technology is more ready than ever. What other essential features you will need on your modern intranet? Read more tips from this free eBook!DOWNLOAD YOUR EBOOK

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