15 Reasons Why Partnering Up With Valo Is The Best Thing For Your Business

Valo Partner Community

Partnering up with Valo might be the best thing you can do for your SharePoint and Office 365 business. Great businesses are founded on great partnerships – the biggest success comes from successful partnerships.

We value our business relationships and we are always heading for long-term business relationships when joining forces. How about you? Want to become a Valo Partner? Are we a match made in heaven?

The power of a Valo partnership – why our businesses are better together

Join our awesome, ever-growing Valo Partner network to unlock some serious benefits.

1. Re-sell an award-winning digital workplace

Awarded (several times) the best intranet solution in the market and offering the most value-for-money, Valo Intranet, Valo Teamwork, and Valo Ideas are products you can be proud of as our local partner. You’ll be delivering solutions that really make a difference!

2. Happy customers = more business

Grow your business! Build a strategic, long-term, mutually-beneficial partnership that strengthens your business. With world-class products in your sales portfolio, you get happy customers and can create more revenue/profit on license sales markup. We deliver clear value and business benefits to our partners.

You guys say “you’ll fall in love with your intranet”, and we absolutely have.

Pharr-San Juan-Alamo Independent School District, Valo Customer Story

3. Work with the best of the best

As a Valo partner, you’re in good company. Our solutions are developed by valued professionals. We have over 50 Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals, MVPs, in our network, developing Valo even further. And not to mention that our team we have 6 MPVs and over the past years, most of them have been named as the world’s top influencers in the Microsoft SharePoint industry.

Collaborate with the brightest minds in the industry

4. Deliver projects faster

Speed up your project delivery with fewer resources and improve your overall quality, at the same time. Pre-built solutions that will accelerate your implementation life cycle.

5. Free training

We coach you in sales, marketing, and delivery through our silver, gold & platinum technical training levels. We share our best practices and tips & tricks to help you stand out and shine brighter – and all this for free. Welcome on board!

6. Free licenses for own use

Install your own demo environment to showcase Valo to your customers, and get more knowledge by using our solutions in your own company. Dogfooding at its best!

7. Co-Marketing opportunities

There’s something brilliant about this! Co-marketing is an effective way to build your business, boost awareness, break into new markets, and it’s a win-win for all players in the game, wherein, the success of one brand brings success to its partner brand, too. Our co-marketing strategies ensure together we are bigger.

Even the smallest of businesses will join the big league with our help

8. Sales support

Get ready to win your first Valo case in no time. Our goal is to support you with filling your sales funnel with quality prospects and drive up revenue by utilizing our lead generation process!

9. Global tech support

Our dedicated tech support engineers are here to ensure you make every project a true success. Our online support chat for partners has an average response time of one minute. Whatever the problem, we’ll answer within 24 hours, we promise!

10. Valo Community

Valo is not only a selection of products but also a worldwide community including hundreds of companies, Valo lovers and friends, and top SharePoint and Microsoft 365 influencers supporting each other.

Valo Partner Community

11. Partner Hub

Access materials, product & educational videos, guides, wiki, chat, pre-built marketing content, and a support ticketing system from the endless hub of everything related to Valo. Also, check out our vibrant Yammer community for peer advice.

12. Partner Awards

Get recognition for the contribution and hard work you have put into your best Valo projects, and drive your business forward by bringing home one of the Valo Awards!

13. Valo Summit Tour

Our yearly Valo Summit Tour gathers Valo Partners together from all over the world to share thoughts, learn new things, and celebrate the incredible achievements made by Valo Partners!

14. The Valo team is always there for you

We are experienced professionals who know the ins and outs of SharePoint and Office 365. We believe that with passion, insight, and teamwork we can improve digital workplaces everywhere.

Valo takes care of their partners better than any other company.

Valo Partner at Valo Summit 2019 

15. Made with #ValoLove

We 💛 our products, partners, and customers – and throwing great parties 😉

+ Bonus reason: Don’t forget the fun

We all feel a little more fulfilled when we can have fun in business. Work is a big part of our life and our purpose, and we always want to add some fun into the mix. Get ready to laugh, #ValoJump, and #ValoHug!

Hop into a win-win, long-term, and powerful partnership

Schedule a demo and discussion with us to join the journey of our award-winning product family.  It’s one of the best business decisions you can make. Or read more insights from our guide. We’re looking forward to being a part of your #ValoLove story!

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