5 Benefits of Having Your Intranet Inside Microsoft Teams

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There are plenty of benefits of having your intranet inside Microsoft Teams. Microsoft Teams has rapidly become the platform for co-innovation, collaboration and communication. And as Microsoft has announced it’s taking a Teams-first, Teams-only approach to innovation, it’s only natural that your intranet should be housed there too!

As workplaces adapt, and hybrid working patterns become the new normal, it makes sense for employees to have access to a digital workplace that marries communication and collaboration channels along with organizational information, so users can do everything they need to do, in a single place.

We passionately believe that the future of digital workplaces should integrate both intranets and Microsoft Teams so colleagues can be more productive, more engaged and more connected.

Here we explore in more detail why we think intranets and Microsoft Teams are best when they’re used together.

1. It’s easier for people to find information, content and people in one place.

By integrating an intranet into Microsoft Teams users doesn’t have to search for information, the information comes to them.

From within a single platform, they can see their data from Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive and from any application coming from Power Apps. Therefore, by combining the two platforms the end users can be more productive and efficient.

2. It will encourage employees to build their own small digital workplaces which will make them more efficient.

We all know that getting a project over the finishing line is hard to do. Everyone has their own personal ecosystems, notebooks, and to-dos.

Yet, by combining both the power of the intranet within Microsoft Teams, users can build their own small communities, or project places, where they can communicate and collaborate. This helps to drive innovation, efficiency and engagement by bringing users, information and conversations into a single collaborative space.

Integrating your intranet within Microsoft Teams gives your users the opportunity to organize their work in a way that’s most natural to them.

3. It will enable corporate and personalized comms to be delivered within the digital workplace where daily work is happening.

Combining intranets and Microsoft Teams will enable users to aggregate their news with relevant content from not only the intranet, but from the teams they’re a member of or feeds they have access to.

Information is therefore conveniently grouped in one place, presented in the digital workplace where they work in every day.

Valo Connect's news center
Imagine bringing your intranet news inside your Teams. From a dedicated news center, your staff would be able to read organization news, targeted news, and interesting industry news.

4. Colleagues will be able to access to real-time content and comms in a single platform.

Internal comms can promote any news or page to a tab within Microsoft Teams and users are instantly alerted whenever there’s an important company update in real-time.

In addition, colleagues can now access and edit the same files in real time – making collaboration so much easier than before.

And thanks to the Microsoft Teams mobile app, colleagues can have access to real-time information, anywhere and anytime.

5. The information that you post and the data that you have on your intranet within Microsoft Teams is safe and secure.

Integrating your intranet into Microsoft Teams means your content benefits from the security of being part of the Microsoft ecosystem.

This is because a platform such as Valo Connect does not host any content. Nor does it host any proprietary databases of content in the cloud. So the storage of content automatically benefits from Microsoft’s security.

We believe that access to the intranet needs to be in the right context. This means intranets need to meet the users where they are, and we know that’s increasingly in Microsoft Teams.

Valo Connect – so much more than just an intranet inside Microsoft Teams

This is why we’ve created our latest digital workplace tool Valo Connect! Launching next week, Valo Connect will augment Microsoft Teams – enhancing search, aggregating news and connecting employees to each other.

Valo Connect and my news
Valo Connect brings your team and digital tools inside Microsoft Teams.

It will provide users with a single source of truth – a place where they can connect to the people, news, information, conversations, files, and content that will enable them to be productive from anywhere, on any device.

I love Valo Intranet and I love working in Teams. Now I’m able to combine the best of two worlds, creating an incredible intranet experience for our customers, keeping the communication lines open in one unified platform. Valo Connect just makes sense. 

We believe that integrating the two platforms will bring out the best features of both. Ultimately, by marrying up your intranet with Microsoft Teams you’ll make your end user’s life, and from a comms perspective – reaching the end-user, so much easier. And we all want that, right?


Want to know more? Then join us at our launch event next week. Your party invitation is below!

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You’re invited to the Valo Connect Virtual Launch: Oct 13, 2020!
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  • When: October 13th at 10am EDT (Montreal, New York) // 16:00 CET (Berlin, Paris) // 1am AEST (Sydney, Melbourne).
  • Duration: Approx 1 hour.
  • Cost: Free – and you’re invited!
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