5 reasons why being a Microsoft SharePoint Home Sites Partner benefits our customers

We are delighted to announce that Valo has become a Microsoft SharePoint Home Sites launch partner, one of only fifteen globally.

Microsoft SharePoint Home Sites aggregate corporate content: news, events, organisational updates and personalized signals. It has been designed to complement the existing communication and team sites.

Microsoft SharePoint Home Site key features include:

  • An official site for corporate news
  • Robust menu options, such as the recently released mega-menu
  • Native mobile readiness
  • SharePoint start page that connects to your home site with the “My SharePoint” link
  • Seamless branding between “org space” and “me space” with the “My SharePoint” link
  • Microsoft integrated search, powered by artificial intelligence

Juha Koivula, Valo’s North American business lead, welcomes the latest SharePoint Home Site partnership with Microsoft. He says it has enabled Valo to take its digital workplace tools to the next level.

We are delighted to be one of the first to partner with Microsoft and to extend Home Site and Modern SharePoint capabilities to Valo’s customers across the globe.

Juha Koivula, Valo’s North America Business Lead

Valo’s team have been working hard on extending and enhancing the SharePoint Home Site experience, adding to its existing capabilities, since the partnership was announced at the SharePoint conference in May.

We love to innovate. SharePoint Home Site is a new canvas on which we can play with and have fun.

Sebastien Levert, Product Manager

This summer, all Valo customers with a Fresh subscription will automatically benefit from the enhanced features, at no additional charge.

5 ways Valo & SharePoint Home Site adds value for
your customers

1. All news in one place
All the news will sit in a single place. News from teams, from the organization, from the corporate communications department, as well as news that is interesting to the end user will be displayed in one place.

2. Fully personalized experience
Not only will users have one place to go, this area will also be fully personalized to their needs. This means that the user will see content that they’ve subscribed to or is important to them. Each end user’s intranet will be distinct from their colleagues, reflecting their needs and interests.

3. **Unique to Valo customers** Multi-lingual home page
Valo customers will be able to have a multi-lingual homepage, a 100% Valo-customized benefit. It will automatically display content in the end user’s preferred language. This is really powerful, and not something that Microsoft is offering by default.

4. New user-driven page layout
Home Site offers users a new page layout, that acts like a very, customized feed, similar to what you experience on Facebook. In the past, customers would have one page with three different columns. Now, because of the Home Site functionality, they gain a fourth column. Valo calls this the ‘user column’. Here, the end user can add as many controls as they want. For example, people can set their favorite weather, their favorite sites, their favorite documents, as well as their favorite news, all in one place.

5. Natively integrates with Valo
Home Site automatically integrates with Valo’s out-of-the box intranet solution. It uses the same navigation, and the same search functionality. This is extremely powerful as it will offer a new way of communicating with your employees without any heavy lifting. It. Just. Works.

Strengthening our collaboration with Microsoft

The Home Site Partnership further strengthens our relationship with the Microsoft community, and we are proud to say that we have our very own MVPs within our team!


Valo is building on SharePoint innovations like Home Site, to deliver unique experiences and solutions that empower our customers to achieve more.

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