5 Ways to Improve Your Employee Communications

employee communications

As hybrid work becomes the new normal and employees are increasingly dispersed, getting employee communications right has never been more important.

Although there isn’t a one-size fit all approach to effective employee comms there are several rules that will stand every company in good stead.

And it all starts with putting the employees’ needs at the heart of your employee comms strategy.

Here we take a look at five ways how.

1. Offer your employees a choice of communication channels

The first way to improve employee comms is to re-evaluate the channels you’re using.

With geographically dispersed teams, employee comms must cater for frontline staff, remote workers, as well as those back in the office.

And employees now want flexibility and choice too.

This means giving your employees access to communication channels that they feel most comfortable with.

The best way to do that is empower them to create their own personalized workspaces.

Empower employees to create their own personalized workspaces.

Unique to their daily needs, they can create a dashboard where they can choose which channels they’d like to communicate on, as well as the content they’d like to see.

From documents and quick links to external apps and tailored news, employees can have everything they need to do their job, free from clutter and distractions, in a single place.

Find out how to use Valo Connect’s “Connect Me” feature to enable your employees to create their own personal dashboards in Microsoft Teams and on Valo Intranet.

2. Tailor your news and personalize your messages

The second way to improve your employee comms is by tailoring your content.

Find out more about how to use Valo Connect’s “My News” and “Highlighted Content” features to improve personalization in your employee comms on your intranet and in Teams.

With employees receiving hundreds of emails daily, with many suffering from information overload, sending out generic news on your intranet will no longer cut through the noise.

To engage your employees, you need to tailor your messages to their specific needs, interests, location as well as language(s) they speak.

Allowing internal comms to tailor information to roles or personas is invaluable. Only sharing relevant content keeps communications efficient and more effective, and importantly cuts distractions.

This means you need to segment your audiences and tag your content. That way employees only receive the most relevant content in their news feed, in their language of choice.

Employee comms tools now allow you to highlight content from your intranet based on country, region, department or role.

Find out more about how to use Valo Connect’s “My News” and “Highlighted Content” features to improve personalization in your employee comms on your intranet and in Teams.

3. Facilitate two-way communications

The third way to improve your employee comms is to drive two-way conversations.

Employee communications have changed rapidly during the last two years. Colleagues working remotely have missed the water cooler moments and are looking for ways to interact and engage with each other digitally.

A top-down approach, where the CEO shares company updates, isn’t the best way to help employees feel connected and aligned with the rest of the company.

Employee communications is about enabling conversations in a safe place where employees can openly share their thoughts, ask questions, give feedback and react to the content you share with them.

Find out how to use Valo Intranet’s Teams commenting to enable employees to comment on news items in Teams, which are then automatically and simultaneously shown on the SharePoint news page.

4. Make search a priority

The fourth way to improve your employee comms is to improve search.

Poor search is one of the greatest frustrations for employees. It is a huge time sapper too. According to research it can take employees up to eight searches to find the right document and information.

McKinsey estimates that employees spend 1.8 hours every day, the equivalent of 9.3 hours per week, searching and gathering information.

Beyond adding another layer of friction to usage and adoption, poor search reduces trust and confidence in the intranet or digital workplace as a whole.

However, it is now possible to create “Enterprise Search Hubs”, where departmental documents, information and policies can be tagged and stored in a central place. Employees can refine their searches in Teams and the intranet using keywords and filters.

Find out how Valo Connect brings powerful search features from your intranet to where your employees need it most – right inside Teams – so they can track down information, data, documents, forms, updates, and people, from within your company.

5. Analyze your employee communications

The fifth way to improve your employee comms is by using data and analytics.

Effective employee communications is about following a ‘test, listen and learn’ method. You’ll need to keep adjusting your strategy as you see how your colleagues are interacting with your content.

The best way to do this is to measure what’s working using analytics. In-depth analytics will help you to identify what needs to be improved and bottlenecks.

Use analytics to test, listen and learn. This will help you to identify what’s working and what can be improved.

Just as external audiences’ needs differ, so too do your internal audiences. No two employees are the same, and it’s likely that people won’t engage or interact with your content in the same way.

That’s why it’s important to segment your internal audiences, then measure and analyze the effectiveness of your employee communications for each.

Find out how to use Valo Connect to integrate Valo’s add-on tyGraph Analytics to improve the analysis of your employee communications.


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