9 ways you can add value to the Valo license when you become a Valo Partner

Why partner with Valo

If you’re a Microsoft Partner and a SharePoint or Office 365 consultant reading this, it’s likely you’re considering the financial benefits of joining our Valo Partner Network and selling the Valo license!

We have a fantastic combo of award-winning digital workplace products, including Valo Intranet, Valo Teamwork and Valo Idea Management, you can sell. Behind the solutions is strong, 50+ community of experts, including 10 MVPs, that you can lean on for support and advice, right through from sales and marketing to implementation and ongoing upgrades too. Our Partner Program is one of the largest and widest available in the world, with customers in over 40 countries.

Let us, and one of our Valo Premium Partners, Daniel Anderson from Melbourne Australia, walk you through the benefits of becoming part of our big happy Valo Family.

Fastest growing intranet-in-a-box on SharePoint

We are the fastest growing global intranet-in-a-box and digital workplace solution built on top of SharePoint and Office 365. Our tools have been designed to enhance the SharePoint and Office 365 experience and make these platforms intuitive to use.

If you are currently offering an intranet in some way, shape or form, it’s a no brainer to sell Valo. It’s ready to go. It means you can grow your business by selling other services on top.

Plus, we have a very competitive pricing model, where your customers will be able to get the Valo solutions at an affordable price and fast. We didn’t win the “Intranet Choice – Value” award from ClearBox Consulting twice in a row for nothing!

Team the Valo license with our Fresh Subscription, a quarterly software update service that keeps pace with Microsoft’s updates/changes, and this will be the last digital workplace tool your customers will ever have to buy.

Long-lasting customer relationships

But as a Valo Partner, selling the license and installing our products is not where your relationship with your customers ends. In fact, this is just the beginning.

Our packaged solutions are good to go as they are, but there is always the possibility for customization. This means you can spend more time with your customers, supporting them and customizing our solutions to meet their exact needs.

Having a product like Valo, which caters for 90-95% of what organizations need, means we no longer need to focus on developing intranets. Instead, we can concentrate on helping our customers meet their business objectives.


From development to a service-based business model

Daniel has subsequently structured his business around the additional services he can provide on top of our products. Knowing that he’s selling a really rock-solid intranet and other digital workplace services not only gives him peace of mind, but it also allows him to shift his business model from development to service.

Now, rather than custom-making every customer’s intranet from scratch, which is a timely and costly thing to do, he installs Valo’s solutions, which are inside the Office 365 and Azure ecosystem, and allows his customer to play around and get used to the look and feel of the products.

Deploying Valo quickly means his customers can be really involved in the customization process right from the start. Daniel and his team then collaborate with their customers via workshops, to customize and enhance the solutions, so Valo meets their needs perfectly.

Since selling Valo’s solutions we now focus on productizing our service modules – whether that’s a policies and procedures center or workflow, or form creation with Power Apps. We tease out these outcomes via the workshops prior to deploying Valo.

Valo license is a catalyst for digital transformation

As Valo is simple to buy, install and adopt it often acts as the catalyst for digital transformation. This means our Partners end up continuing their relationship with their customer long after Valo has been set up.

Valo has become a really good lead generation tool in itself. It’s an entry point into an organization because it caters for the majority of the features and functionality that an organization requires.

Typically, we know that your customers will come to you asking for a new intranet perhaps because they’re moving from an on-premises IT solution to the cloud, are looking for an upgrade within SharePoint or want a place where to handle internal communication in an interactive way.

Many won’t realize what they can actually accomplish with a modern, intelligent intranet. Some will still see it as a place to store mandatory documentation or use as a top-down communications channel.

Yet, when you introduce the idea that it can be a two-way comms channel or that it’s a democratic means of communication for internal communications. Or that it can be the perfect tool for management or leadership. Or that it can transform an entire internal culture within an organization. Or it can be even owned by the marketing department. Then they end up wanting more!

Valo Teamwork and Valo Digital Workplace app with Microsoft Teams integrations
Valo offers digital workplace tools on top of Office 365 and SharePoint with a modern and responsive look and now first with Microsoft Teams integrations too.

Additional services you can sell on top of Valo

This is where you as a skilled Microsoft Partner, IT specialist consultant and Office 365 and SharePoint professional come in.

Here are just a few examples of what you can sell on top of the Valo license as workshops or support services:

  • Information architecture: What information should they put where? What information belongs to Teams, Yammer, OneDrive, Valo Teamwork, and the intranet?
  • Office 365: How does Valo fit on top of Office 365? Which channel should you use for an organisation-wide, team- or individual communication?
  • Governance: How do you set a code of conduct? Who has access? Which tools should you role out first? What’s best for each user?
  • Security Matrix: Who can interact with each level of the data? What kind of permission levels do we need to consider? Is there a need for Private Channels in Teams?
  • Valo Fresh Subscription: What is the Fresh Subscription? Do we need it? How does it benefit us? Does it keep pace with Microsoft’s developments and how can it support us?
  • Deployment: How fast can it be done? Which parts of the organization need to be involved? Who is in charge?
  • Migration: Are you moving from on-premises or FileShare to Office 365? Do you have existing content that needs to be moved? Which content should you migrate, which content is obsolete?
  • Content support: How much content needs to be ready before going live? How much is “good enough” and what can be left behind? Should you start with a clean slate?
  • Training: How can you get users to adopt new ways of working? How can we ensure they log on to the new intranet? How can we get departments to create their own pages/content? How can we move away from using email as a method of internal communication?

Of course, there are many other services you can provide your customers. So, we’ll work closely with you to help tailor your offering. Together we will figure out which approach is better for you and your customers!


If you are a Microsoft Partner, SharePoint or Office 365 consultant get in touch with us today and learn about the Valo Partner program. We can discuss in detail how we can help you to grow your business, just like we’ve done with our other Partners.

Let us help you help your customers!


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