Announcing Valo Partner of the Year 2019 Finalists


It’s the time of year when Valo Team have had the pleasure to go through again a number of great nominations for Valo Partner Awards 2019. Following the tradition, we are excited to announce Valo Partner of the Year Award Finalists!

With now truly global Valo Partner network, we decided to expand the Valo Partner of the Year category to three regions; Europe (EU), APAC and North America (NA), from where we will announce regional winners. From those winners, we will also announce a Valo Partner of the year Global 2019 Winner!

We are extremely proud to announce the Valo Partner of the Year 2019 Finalists, by region!

Valo Partner of the Year EU 2019 Finalists:

1. Advantive, the Netherlands

Advantive is a very trustworthy Valo Partner, actively participating in Valo Events and Valo development. Their love for Valo shies through everything they do. In last years Valo Partner Awards Advantive’s Erwin Verlinden was announced as the Contributor Hero of the Year 2018, and late February 2019, Advantive reached the Valo Premium Partner Status.

2. Bravo Solutions, Norway

Bravo Solutions,  Norwegian Valo Partner,  has really accelerated their speed with Valo! Valo Partner since Autumn 2017, they have quickly found their place in Norwegian digital workplace markets reaching Valo Premium Partner status only 1,5 years later, February 2019 and expanding now to Swedish markets too!

3. Xylos, Belgium

For the third year in a row, Belgium Valo Partner, Xylos, is again among the finalist! Xylos is a highly dedicated and very active Valo partner in Belgium with impressive sales results and high customer satisfaction. Last year Xylos was awarded the Valo Marketing Master of the Year 2018! Xylos was also announced as one of the first Valo Premium Partners in February 2018.

Congratulations to all finalists in Europe!

Valo Partner of the Year APAC 2019 Finalists:

1. Daniel Anderson Consulting, Australia

Daniel Anderson Consulting from Melbourne, Australia, is one of a kind. Whereas usually, our Certified Valo Partner companies consist of dedicated teams behind sales, marketing and implementation, Daniel is a man with all these hats on! Daniel Anderson also reached Valo Premium Partner Status this February and is always willing to help and go the extra mile for Valo.

2. Insight Enterprises, Australia

Insight Enterprises, acquired existing Valo Partner Ignia, and now enables even bigger and better reach for all potential Valo Customers in Western and Eastern Australia. Working in multiple industries including Education, Mining, Health care, and Professional Services,  Ignia was among the first Valo Partners to gain the Premium Partner status.

3. SharePoint Gurus, Australia

SharePoint Gurus, a Sydney based Valo Partner, was the first ever Valo Partner in APAC.  SharePoint Gurus has done an extremely great job with Valo not only saleswise (did you know our biggest Valo customer comes from SharePoint Gurus and has over 250, 000 users!) but also in marketing, making Valo brand known in Australia. Truly dedicated to Valo, it is no wonder SharePoint Gurus was among the first ones to gain Valo Premium Partner Status.

Congratulations to all finalists in APAC!

Valo Partner of the Year NA 2019 Finalists:

1. C/D/H, US

C/D/H is one of those Valo Partners that has instantly taken Valo as it was their own product. As a Valo Partner since 2018, C/D/H has been actively sharing #ValoLove in events, and through webinars gaining Valo Premium Partner Status only a year after, on February 2019. C/D/H was also the first Valo Partner to sell Valo Modern!

2. InfoWorks,  US

InfoWorks, a Valo Partner since 2017, have done several Valo implementations from as small as 100 users to 5 000 user organizations with excellent customer satisfaction. InfoWorks gained Valo Premium Partner status in February 2019.

3. Klarinet Solutions, US

Klarinet Solutions has been exceeding the expectations since the beginning of our partnership. They are one of the first Valo Partners in North America, helping us to build the momentum in the US market. Klarinet was selected as the very first Valo Partner of the Year 2017 and 2018 Klarinet was recognized with the Valo Customer Success Story of the Year 2018 Award.

Congratulations to all finalists in North America!

A Valo Partner of the Year shines through their Valo journey but also have a desire to help employees collaborate and engage with their community by using Valo solutions. We also appreciate outstanding sales results, high customer satisfaction, new innovations, and overall technical competence and knowledge. Not an easy task to fulfill all these! 

Congratulations to all finalists!


This year we received again a record number of nominations for all Valo Partner Award Categories making the decision harder than ever. It was a true pleasure to read through the nominations and learn about the awesome results and solutions our Valo Partners build with Valo. We want to thank all Valo Partners that nominated to Valo Partner of the Year Awards – in our eyes you are all winners!

All the Valo Partner Award Winners will be announced at the Valo Summit Europe on Wednesday, April 3, when we will also announce the winners for four other categories: Valo Customer Success Story of the Year, Valo Customization of the Year, Valo Marketing Master of the Year and Valo Contributor Hero of the Year.


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