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I’m always intrigued by the latest trends and technologies. It’s inspiring to talk about enterprise social and brand ambassadors. Keeping my eyes on the future is an important part of my job, as it’s important for all of us to stay updated latest technologies.

I still recommend a reality check for all of you who find yourselves in the same situation. Lately I’ve talked to several organizations that suffer from lacks in digital basics. This discussion worries me. Who wants to work an extra fifteen minutes a day if it could be so much easier to raise the productivity of information work?

Alert! Here are the signs that tell you something needs to be done and fast:

  1. The only way to comment news on the intranet is an e-mail thread
  2. Only a chosen few can publish information on the intranet or an equivalent channel
  3. Booking meetings is a guessing game since you can’t see your colleagues’ calendars
  4. A meeting means that everyone sits in the same conference room
  5. There’s a suspicious attitude towards remote work
  6. Everyone makes their own notes without sharing with anyone
  7. In many cases, the All company mailing list is a relevant communication channel
  8. The teams’ own e-mailing lists are in daily use
  9. You and your colleagues discuss in which order to edit a document this time
  10. You send attachments over e-mail – and sometimes ask the recipient to edit the file and send it back
  11. You spend several minutes of your work time on looking for a file you created earlier on the network drive
  12. You can only access the intranet, workspaces and other shared documents from your work computer
  13. On your mobile device you can check e-mails, but reading the intranet or editing shared documents on the run sounds like utopia
  14. Part of the organization is “secretly” using Dropbox, Yammer, Facebook groups etc. because equivalent tools are not at hand
  15. BONUS. You’re printing e-mails, sending faxes or keeping meeting memos in a folder

How many points did you get? If the answer is several, you need to take a deep breath and grab the bull by its horns. There are solutions, and they don’t even have to cost a fortune. First and foremost it’s a question of getting started. From a positive point of view, when you start from the beginning you can get it right the first time! You can skip tool-specific trainings and focus on solving the most important issues in your organization.

By the way, I believe that an organization’s digital working methods have a significant impact on that much wanted brand ambassadorship! Or how do you think young employees regard work methods that haven’t eveolved in a decade?

Hanna Harjula

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