8 Reasons Why Microsoft Teams is the Best Platform to Run Your Employee Ideas Program

employee ideas program

There are currently over 250 million daily active users on Microsoft Teams, making it the most popular online collaboration tool in the world. With the rapid adoption of Teams there are now new opportunities for employee-led innovation.

It’s now easier than ever to run an employee ideas program where employees can share ideas and collaborate directly from within Teams.

Using the Valo Ideas app, companies can create a dedicated space for ideation, accessing all the functions of a fully equipped idea-management tool, right within the platform they’re working in.

But why is Teams the best place to run an employee ideas program?

We’ve outlined 8 reasons why Microsoft Teams is the best platform to use with Valo Ideas.

1. Sharing an idea couldn’t be easier

If your employees are already working in Microsoft Teams they can share an idea without leaving the environment they’re working in. What could be easier than that?

All you need to do is click the “Ideas” icon in the sidebar to create a new draft idea. Then, once it’s ready, share and develop with colleagues across your organization.

transparent employee ideas program
It is so easy to submit your new idea within Microsoft Teams.

You can also view and comment on other ideas from your colleagues directly from the Valo Ideas dashboard.

2. You can share ideas anytime, anywhere, from any device

Who knows when inspiration might strike? Often the best ideas just pop up when you’re thinking about something else. So, how can you make sure these ideas aren’t lost?

Valo Ideas was designed to be an app within Microsoft Teams. It’s a fully mobile solution – meaning ideas can be logged anytime, anywhere. But this also means your deskless workers or front-line staff can access it on their mobiles.

employee ideas program
Share your ideas from any device and at any time with Valo Ideas.

These staff are on the ground and often know your customers more intimately than anyone else in the organization. So, why not ask them to come up with some solutions to the problems they’re hearing about or are encountering every day. Give them daily/weekly/monthly incentives and clearly state what’s in it for them.

3. Teams is already optimized for collaboration

As a collaboration tool, Microsoft Teams is already a rich environment for ideation. With chats, meetings and call features all a familiar part of the platform, logging, developing and managing ideas is simply a natural part of the collaboration process.

4. Plays host to a dedicated app within the sidebar

As an app within Microsoft Teams, Valo Ideas has a constant, visible presence on the Teams side bar.

This acts as a reminder to staff that their ideas are valued in the organization, as well as making it easy for employees’ ideas to be captured before they’re forgotten.

5. It’s inclusive

You don’t have to have “innovation” in your title to share an idea, which is what makes Valo Ideas so inclusive. Anyone can share an idea.

And what’s more, you may not consider yourself to be an “ideas person” but Valo Ideas makes it easy to contribute to others’ ideas, even if it’s to just give it a thumbs up, meaning everyone can be part of the ideation process.

6. It’s intuitive to use

Not everyone embraces change, so one of the major benefits of bringing your employee ideas program inside Teams is that they are already familiar with the environment.

No training or login is required and Valo’s user-friendly Ideas dashboard is intuitive and easy-to-use.

7. Teams keeps you in the loop

Once you’ve submitted or contributed to an idea, you don’t even need to go to the Valo Ideas dashboard to stay in the loop.

Employees receive Teams notifications to keep them informed of where their idea is in the ideation lifecycle.

8. Transparent ideation process

From submitting a draft idea, to publishing, progressing, then eventually retiring, the whole ideation lifecycle in Valo Ideas is transparent.

This transparency helps reinforce the company culture of empowerment and inclusivity whilst reassuring employees that their ideas are valued, which in turn encourages more sharing of ideas!

For more information on using Valo Ideas to inspire employee ideation, read our blog on How to Run an Innovation Contest Inside Microsoft Teams in 6 Simple Steps.


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