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Mark Bowden - Body Language Expert

We all know remote work is here to stay but have you been doing it right all along? Have you remodeled the way you do online meetings to not only make yourself look credible but interesting to your viewers? Whether it be proper online etiquette or in person, Valo spoke to international renowned body language expert and TEDx speaker (with millions of viewers) Mark Bowden to provide you with all the tools you need to win business in today’s world.

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  • Discover proper body language etiquette both online and in-person 
  • Get tips and tricks to keep yourself looking professional and credible during online meetings
  • Humanize your conversations 

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Body Language expert

About the Speaker

Mark Bowden is voted the #1 Body Language Professional in the world and the founder of communication training company TRUTHPLANE® whose clients include leading businesspeople, politicians, presidents of Fortune 500 companies, and Prime Ministers of G7 powers.

Mark has written 4 bestselling books on body language and human behavior, the most recent

His TEDx talk has reached millions of people, and he is regularly called upon by media to comment on the body language of world leaders, celebrities and other newsworthy people, most recently appearing on the Dr Phil Show.

Improving your body language is a step forward to ensuring your company’s success when representing it both online and in person. Cover all the bases you may need by getting the right tools to enhance your hybrid and remote employee experience. Talk to a Valo Team member today and let us help you humanize your digital workplace.

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