Continuously Evolving Modern SharePoint with Valo

Valo Intranet with LUX UI

Modern SharePoint has come a long way from its predecessor! But, at the end of the day, it is still a tool made for the masses. So of course, when it comes to customizing and enhancing, we at Valo pride ourselves in evolving SharePoint, so that you can make it your SharePoint.

Evolving Modern SharePoint

Over our releases, we have continuously brought about significant advancement to SharePoint that allows you to truly make it your own. We brought you Mega Menu with security trimming, for efficient and easy to use navigation that ensures you can’t click somewhere you don’t have access. We brought you 2 beautiful UIs, namely Candela and Lux, which enables you to provide your users with an interface they’ll love to surf. And of course, that’s just to name a few. 

While we are at Microsoft Ignite, we are happy to show you a preview of the latest evolution of our product:

  • See how building your next HR hub is easier than ever with our open positions feature, our native polls and our recurring events support! 
  • Experience our Modern Lux UI in real life and understand what it means to have a user experience that makes your colleagues fall in love with their digital workplace! 
  • Learn how our Multilingual solution, on top of Modern SharePoint, makes your content publishers’ lives so much easier and enables your readers to read any content in any language!
  • And much, much, much more features!

Valo Intranet on Modern SharePoint

Evolving Together

Of course, we couldn’t have evolved SharePoint without being so invested and in love with Microsoft. That’s why we were part of a select group of SharePoint Home Sites partners. We’ve always identified UI as a crucial element to your internal portal. Why? Simply put, if it looks great, users will want to use it or, if you get it just right, even love to use.

SharePoint Home Sites was Microsoft acknowledging the same mentality. So, when they came to us, we were thrilled and ready to hit it out of the park!

Valo Intranet Home Site

Evolving On-The-Go Business

As we release this, we are presently at Microsoft Ignite in Orlando. So, what if you want to stay connected with what’s happening at the office but you’re at Microsoft Ignite? Do you stop, open your laptop and regularly login? Of course not! You’re at Microsoft Ignite.

While that was an example you might be experiencing while reading this post, many workers experience this wall between them and their company, on the regular. Let’s say, for example, you’re a factory worker, or you’re an on-the-go sales rep, how would you stay connected? The native SharePoint app might help but it isn’t made for your portal.

Don’t worry, we have the fix with our Mobile Digital Workplace. It’s a powerful app that enables your employees, no matter where they are, to feel like a part of something bigger.

During Ignite, we’re happy to introduce 2 functionalities that are key to the adoption and success of such a mobile app rollout. First of all, we’re announcing the global navigation as part of the mobile experience! Not only can you read news and content, but you can have access to our full intranet, directly from your pocket! We are also making a bold statement by adding the possibility for anyone to embed any application built using the SharePoint Framework, as part of their mobile experience. Having every application at your user’s fingertips will increase the usage, discoverability, and productivity on the go.

Valo Mobile Digital Workplace

The Evolution of Modern SharePoint

We are always innovating on top of Microsoft’s incredible offerings, with no end in sight. We will continue to push SharePoint’s boundaries with a little help from our 8 Microsoft MVPs, who continuously keep us tethered to current innovations and allow us to develop for now and the future.

The firehose of announcements from today’s vision and technology keynotes are proof that our bet on integrating with SharePoint, was not only the best choice but will continue to help us provide rich and ready-to-go innovations to our 2 million users, daily. We’d like to take this opportunity to give a huge shout out to the SharePoint team for their support over the years. We couldn’t have made it without your hard work and dedication to making this platform better every day.

Seeing Is Believing

Want to learn more about the company that is leading the way in SharePoint innovations? Stop by booth 408 at Microsoft Ignite, or book a free demo to find out the endless possibilities of how we can improve your internal portal.


Don’t have to catch all the amazing news coming out of Microsoft Ignite 2019? Don’t worry! Our MVPs, Vlad & Gokan, have it covered! Tune in to their webinar all about the latest announcements coming out of Microsoft Ignite 2019!


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