Creating engaging content in SharePoint Online: Bring your user into the conversation

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Building great content is only half the work when creating content in any platform. The ability to share the story and to continue the conversation with a broader audience makes your article even more than useful, it makes it personal and engaging!

In the last two articles of the series, Make Relevant content and Make your content pop we made sure your content is not only relevant to your reader but it also makes an impact the user will remember. Now we’ll make sure your content gets the attention it deserves by bringing the users into the conversation creating much-required transparency.

Embed related conversations to broaden your impact

Your post is important in your intranet but it could become a lot more than just a post. It could become the central piece of a larger discussion or even ignite a new discussion! Allowing conversations to happen around your news or article is a critical part of taking it to the next level, to elevate the importance of this piece of content.

Bring Office 365 discussions channels into play and you can broadcast and share your ideas with your organization like never before!

Here’s three effective ways to do so:

  1. Share the good news with your colleagues? Send them a rich link by email so you are on top of their inbox and get their attention!
  2. You use Yammer and want to bring a side conversation about this piece of content? Great idea! Contextualizing the discussion is even better that way!
  3. You are leveraging Microsoft Teams for your daily discussions within your remote-first organization? Automatically bring your news inside Microsoft Teams with Flow bot and start a discussion!

Embedding conversations and sharing the good news around the office is the way to make your content engaging for your audience!

Use comments to get your reader’s feedback

Finally, engaging content can also mean “popular” content that tends to ignite passions, and people want to share their vision of the topic, congratulate others, or send kudos to the post author.

Getting feedback on your content is not only a very important part of the learning process of generating engaging content, but it’s the best way to validate your choices (tone, subjects, graphics, etc.).

Having comments living as part of the content is the best way to be transparent and reacting to those collective feedbacks. SharePoint Online enables you to activate comments on any piece of content. Don’t be shy and hit that button! You won’t regret it!

This article is the third part of three post series that highlights the three main actions to be taken by every content author using SharePoint Online. Follow Sebastien on a journey to creating engaging content in SharePoint Online!

Part 1: Make relevant content
Part 2: Make your content pop!
Part 3: Bring your user in the conversation

That’s it! Now you are ready to create content that is engaging, visually appealing and enables social aspect on it with comments.

See how it really works by watching this video:



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