Eddy Gil – The Road to Valo

It is with great joy that I join the Valo Intranet team! My name is Eddy and as the new addition to the marketing department, I look forward to continuing on this road called life with Valo, as the company continues to grow around the world. (Guess it’s a good thing my parents are Portuguese! Getting a boat shouldn’t be too hard!) 

Peddle to the Metal

After graduating from Herzing College in Business Administration: Marketing & Sales, I began my professional journey at the age of 19. I started as an intern, working for Jesta I.S. and was hired as a Marketing Coordinator shortly after. It was there I realized my love for the inner workings of the business ecosystem. I became extremely fascinated in determining how all the different layers of business fold into and out of each other. In the coming years, I successfully took on different positions in the business world, from Sales to Banking. However, I always found my bliss anytime a freelance job would come around. The journey was extremely rewarding and provided me with valuable information. However, in January of last year, it was time to go back to my true passion, Marketing. It was then that I decided to return which, after a few months, lead to my time as a full-time freelance Marketer and Designer.

Pit Stops

Aside from my professional career, I have many different pastimes or “pit stops” when I need a break from the main road. Whenever I get some free time, I enjoy writing screenplays, cooking, and watching TV/Movies. Add in a bit of rock climbing and gaming to the mix and that sums up all my “pit stops” along the road to Valo.

Your Destination Is On The Left

While I enjoyed my experience as a freelancer, I missed working with a dynamic group of people in the fast-paced world of B2B technologies. It was at that point I began my search, ultimately, bringing me to my opportunity at Valo. It is just the beginning, of what is sure to be a long relationship, but I look forward to working with an incredible team full of leaders and influencers! 


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