Everything you need to know about launching an intranet quickly

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We know that some key decisions need to be made before launching an intranet quickly. Getting the basics right at the start will be the difference between success and failure!

We’ve already put together a visual, easy-to-understand five step guide to getting your intranet up and running within a week.

But if you wondering what’s next? Who should do what? What information should go in it? And where? These are the most the most frequently asked questions we and our Valo Partners get!

Here goes…

  • What information architecture structure should I adopt aka where should all the information go?

Launching an intranet quickly is easy since we’ve done the thinking for you. Based on insights from working with our 600+ customers, we’ve created an out-of-the-box ready-made information architecture structure that you can use straight away.

All you have to do is fill in our questionnaire and let us and one of our global 250+ Valo Partner Network do the rest! The beauty of using Valo Intranet is that we’ve simplified the process. You can install it now, and customize it more it later.

  • What are the rules around governance aka who owns the intranet in your organization?

Deciding who owns the intranet platform is your number one priority. It’s extremely important to have one owner who can make the right decisions at the right time. Then you’ll need to nominate content editors.

If you’re a smaller organization of less than 2,000 users you’ll need two types of content editors – one from Marcomms and one from IT. These are the most active departments who will provide the content to begin with.

For larger organizations, you’ll need multiple content creators to keep the content fresh and constant and perhaps one or two editors who can curate the content.

Complex organizations, spread over multiple locations, with several sub-companies, should have their own hubs, with their own content creators and editors. This way the content will resemble and be relevant to the users who will read it.

With the People Finder, a Valo Intranet feature, you will be able to see who is who and search people within your organization.
  • What content should we migrate to the new intranet?

Keep all your existing content where it is and start afresh. Use this opportunity to start from a clean slate. If you were planning a migration between your old and new intranet, your goal of launching an intranet quickly might suffer.

When you need it, read the old material through, clean it up and just copy and paste, bring it over to the new intranet, or even just create a link to that content. Or at a later time, you can re-visit the idea of migration

  • How do I bring old news over to the new site?

You don’t! How long do you keep your newspaper at home? A week, two weeks? Then it’s in the recycle bin. Do exactly the same thing with your intranet news. Some customers may require to bring certain news over from a legal standpoint. But really you should start from fresh and just link back to important pieces.

The Valo Intranet news creation is on the top of its game and will help you create new and important news as well as link back to the previous, most important ones.
  • Which social tools should I use for what type of communication?

For internal comms, use “News” to inform people. Use “Pages” for static content e.g. employee policies or benefits.

And at times like these, when you need to send out important messages use “Alerts”. You can send colleagues instant messages and everyone who’s on the intranet or has the mobile app will be alerted immediately.

This function is really handy for sending urgent messages such as “Due to Covid19 you must stay at home… Find the policies and procedures about remote working working here”.

Leveraging the “Commenting” function at the bottom of news is also a really useful tool. It helps to encourage colleagues to engage with content.

For a simple implementation, keep it at that. You can always add more complexity later on, such as a full crisis management template (which we’ve just recently launched) to your Valo Intranet.

  • Should we encourage colleagues to download the mobile app?

Yes. That way you can send important messages or up to date news directly to the app, which no one can miss. Their mobiles are in their pockets. They’re always there, and always being checked. People are more likely to read your comms on their mobile, as they’re not always logged on and looking at your intranet webpage.

Valo native mobile app
The Valo Digital Workplace App works seamlessly when you need to check the news and communicate on the go.
  • How should we communicate in a time of crisis?

Valo Intranet now comes with a full-on crisis management and crisis communication template, that your certified Valo Partner can hook you up with! This will help you get Important Messages through even faster and enable you to create a Call-to-Action banner to your Mega Menu! Oh, and so much more.


Contact us today and we’ll get back to you straight away. We’ll help you with launching an intranet quickly, even within a week!


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