How Valo Intranet Enhances Basic SharePoint

We’ve been #ValoJumping for joy ever since we found out that Valo Intranet is this year’s SharePoint Intranet Choice 2020 for both Europe and North America as named in ClearBox Consulting’s annual report!

In the fall of 2019, ClearBox analyzed more than 50 SharePoint intranet-in-a-box products based on pricing, vendor track record, and customer feedback and came out with their annual report. At the beginning of 2020, when they published their SharePoint Intranet Choices for the year, they said that Valo Intranet stood out and “deserved recognition” – for a third year in a row!

Valo Intranet Multilingual feature
Valo Intranet – Multilingual features are now supporting up to 29 languages and counting!

European vendor supporting multiple languages

In Europe, ClearBox was looking for vendors who offer European support hours, have an established track record and products that can support multiple languages with ease. Valo Intranet ticked all the boxes, and according to ClearBox:

Valo closely follows Microsoft innovations, and makes a solid product choice with plenty of scope to customize to your needs. Support for a multilingual intranet is robust and includes automatic translation.

North American vendor with a strong presence in the region

In North America, ClearBox was looking for vendors with either a headquarters or strong presence within the region, and those with an overall high score for their features. Since this region tends to be cost-sensitive, one criterion was the solution must excel in price-performance. According to ClearBox:

Valo has a solid presence in North America, both directly and through their partner network. Their rich feature sets will meet many companies’ needs admirably.

This is not the first time we’ve been named in the ClearBox report. For the last two years in a row Valo was Intranet Choice – Value 2018 and 2019, a category that was phased out this year.

Valo Intranet features bring more on top of SharePoint

There are several areas where Valo’s suite of digital workplace tools and features, built on top of Classic and Modern SharePoint that can be installed on-premises, on cloud or as a hybrid solution, go way beyond basic SharePoint.

Take a look at some of the ways how:

  • Editor Dashboard

Our templates, tagging and scheduling, plus the ‘Editor Dashboard’ function, are best in class. We have simplified the content creation process, which starts wherever you are in the Intranet. The dashboard enables content authors to select a template, type and target audience for the content they create, and includes the required metadata.

Valo Intranet has an easy workflow for content creators.
  • Integration with Microsoft Teams

Valo Intranet has been designed so that it can smoothly integrate into Microsoft Teams, which is crucial in the world we now work in. Being able to show required daily information like news, events and the possibility to use enterprise search in a single location like Microsoft Teams supports not only collaboration but also organizational communications.

  • Intuitive interface

Our service design and development teams have worked hard to enhance the latest look and feel of modern SharePoint. But they’ve also left room for designers to add their own Office 365 themes, styles, CSS and different content elements in a supported way.

  • Multilingual feature

Valo’s multilingual add-on feature is a noted area of strength. In fact, many of our customers say this is the primary reason they chose our solution. This is because Valo has been designed by a team in the bi-lingual country of Finland, where content needs to be easily created and automatically translated into multiple languages. Valo in fact already supports up to 29 different languages and counting!

  • Native mobile app

One of Valo’s unique selling points is our dedicated mobile app on Android and iOS. Our users say they like how their teams can see news, notifications, and alert messages as well as a ‘People Finder’ tool on the go. Plus, the app has opened the intranet and integrated business apps up to a whole new group of colleagues, such as field workers or those working on the shop floor.

Valo native mobile app
Valo Intranet Fresh Subscription users can download our native Mobile App to use their company’s Valo Intranet on their mobile.
  • Collaboration & social tools

Valo has designed a number of digital workplace tools that fit together to enhance collaboration and promote social interaction including Valo Teamwork. This collaboration tool brings all teams and communities together in a single hub and is a great for both small and big companies. Valo Teamwork enables corporate governance, easy templating, approval workflows, life-cycle management and search over all created teams, groups and sites.

Valo Teamwork Valo for Microsoft Teams integration
Valo Teamwork integrated to Microsoft Teams – now available to help you work better as a team!
  • Search & navigation

Valo Intranet’s search-driven content hubs and our People Finder tool are firm favorites with our customers. These features make it easy for users to filter search results, and find colleagues by their departments or skills.

  • Analytics

Valo’s analytics tools enable site owners to see stats like most viewed, most comments etc. They also allow  users to tap into Power BI to gain deeper insights, such as usage by department or date.

Valo Intranet Analytics feature

  • Ready-made forms

Valo has a host of ready-made forms such as holidays, expenses, room bookings, IT services and quality reports which our customer love for their “usefulness”. New forms can easily be created with Microsoft Forms or Microsoft Power Apps with workflow integration to external systems.

What our customers & Valo Partners say

Our customers regularly give us very good feedback, praising Valo Intranet’s simplicity and useful web parts, which they can pick and choose from. Plus, they love multiple Valo Intranet features, such as the global navigation and mega menu, too.


Valo Intranet gave us the additional functionality we were looking for on top of SharePoint. Valo’s features really helped us take SharePoint to the next level.

Our Partners also love our Valo Intranet product too – because ultimately they tell us they have happier customers!

We just love the product. Our customers love the product. That’s the main reason we have a great relationship with Valo and especially with the product.


Come and find out for yourself just how good Valo’s features on top of SharePoint are. Book a demo today and be prepared to be wowed!



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