5 reasons why every organization needs Valo Teamwork

Valo Teamwork makes collaboration easy

Microsoft has done an excellent job of getting Teams into everyone’s hands. If you are using Office 365, then there’s no chance you could have avoided hearing about Teams by now. And that’s really good! But have you heard of ‘Valo Teamwork’?

Once your users embrace Teams for collaboration, there are several things you can do to make the experience even better – for both your end-users and your IT people.

We’ve created Valo Teamwork – a tool that enables users to find and manage their multiple work-spaces and chat-style tools together in one place.

With Valo Teamwork users can organize groups, access each team’s collaboration tools quickly, as well locate and view documents and discussions easily.

Sounds good hey?

Here give you five reasons why you should use Valo Teamwork to enhance collaboration within your team:

1. Valo Teamwork helps you to have a process

Creation of new Teams should be as easy as possible for your users – otherwise, they will turn back into emailing documents and using consumer services like personal Dropboxes. Even the most tech-savvy users may sometimes forget they have already created a Team or there is just too many of them to know which one to use for the purpose.

With a tool like Teamwork, you can set rules where some types of Teams are created automatically while others go through a pre-defined approval process.

2. Different groups have different needs

Not every work-space is created equal. For a big project, you probably need a risk matrix, and different folders for files which are shared internally and externally. While Planner is a great tool for organizing task lists for small endeavours, large-scale projects probably want to use Project Online or a similar tool.

With Teamwork, you can create unique templates for your different types of needs, or choose from the  templates we have already created based on our experiences with hundreds of Teamwork end-users.

3. No more wasting time on trying to find the right project

We’ve all been there. You need to reuse a presentation from a previous project, but you don’t remember where it is located or even how to find the project archive anymore. You try searching from your email inbox, perhaps even give the SharePoint Search a try – to no avail. You might end up wasting your time building it from scratch.

Finding the presentation quickly is the key and Teamwork gives you a really easy way to organize your ongoing projects, group them by department, purpose, project manager or any other metadata of your choice and to look for documents and discussions based on any of these choices.

4. Sometimes all you need is a SharePoint site

Even with the Teams hype, there are still times when the project you are trying to achieve is best done using just good old-fashioned SharePoint sites. You may be creating a one-to-many Extranet Portal with fine-grained permissions, or just want to direct all communications to a different channel than Teams, for whatever reason.

With Teamwork, you can access all of your spaces from the same place. No matter if they have SharePoint, Planner, Teams or something altogether different behind the scenes, Teamwork makes finding them for your users a lot easier!

5. Not everything always lives in the cloud

Sometimes, companies have need to store parts of their data on their own servers and might even have a legal reason why certain projects cannot be hosted in a public cloud.

Teamwork brings together spaces from both Office 365 and on-premises, or even only from on-premises. This means companies can have the flexibility to store data on their own terms, whilst still making it available to all employees.


Do you want to see how Valo Teamwork works? Available as a Valo Intranet add-on or a stand-alone product, Valo Teamwork can help you to make the collaboration easy. Let us show you how!


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