Get ready to fall in love with your Intranet!


Is that even possible to fall in love with your intranet? Have you ever asked your users if they love their corporate social platform? The answer could (and will) scare you.

They will probably tell you that they would prefer to fall in love with their stapler or their printer rather than their intranet. We know that this legacy corporate intranet is not the favorite platform of the entire toolkit of the Information Worker.
We are in 2017, users want a dynamic digital workplace platform that is user-centric and that provide great user experience. Users want to fall in love with their intranet and today, we need to figure out a way to bring love back to your users.

At Valo Intranet, it’s at our core that we believe that it’s possible to fall in love with your intranet. We work every day to make sure that every user of Valo Intranet falls in love with his intranet. We also work with our partners in mind, making sure that they have all the necessary tools to fall in love with Valo Intranet and that they can share that love to their customers, so they can also fall in love with their intranet.

MVPs love Valo

For this Valentine’s Day, we reached out to our MVP community and asked them what are the top 2 reasons why they fell in love with Valo. Most Valuable Professionals are passionate independent experts that love to share their thoughts on everything related to technology. We’ll let them share the love about Valo. Hint: It’s a match made in heaven!

Vlad Catrinescu

Vlad is an Office Servers and Services MVP and a Senior Consultant and Author at vNext Solutions, based in Canada. Vlad shared with us the following reasons behind his love at first sight with Valo:

When I started to use Valo, I discovered a tool that helped me being more productive and I absolutely love it.

  • Valo is a really attractive Intranet that allows me to see the latest news in my organization.
  • With the Valo mobile app I can stay up to date even when travelling to speak at a conference on the other side of the globe.
  • Coming from a bilingual country, I love the multilingual module that allows users from across the globe to consume the Intranet in their own native language.

Juan Carlos González Martín

Juan Carlos is an Office Servers and Services MVP and the Productivity Team Leader at Zertia, based in Spain. He shared with us the following reasons why he thinks that every customer will fall in love with their intranet:

Valo is simply one of the best Intranet solutions for SharePoint Online and On-Premises that allows in a very short period of time to deploy a full and functional Intranet to organizations of any sectors and size. You will simply fall in love, as I did, when you find the possibilities Valo can bring to your organization and customers and also the benefits it provides. As an example, these are my top 2 reasons to fall in love with Valo…what are yours?

  • Valo is an awesome Intranet that can be easily deployed and customized in a few minutes.
  • Flexibility and really simple customization are key advantages you will get with Valo: you can choose either to design your own information architecture or use the default one coming with the product. You can also decide to keep default Valo branding or simply apply custom branding using Valo branding tools available in the box

Maarten Eekels

Maarten is an Office Servers and Services MVP and the CTO of Portiva, based in the Netherlands. He reached out to us with the following examples showing how he loves Valo Intranet:

My team and I love Valo and we are always looking into new opportunities to deploy it to new customers because:

  • Valo Intranet gives us all the rich functionality we need in an Intranet product, without losing flexibility or mobility. We love that!
  • We love the fact that Valo Intranet sticks to Microsoft best practices when it comes to the custom functionality they’ve put into the product. Makes it easy for us to understand how things work, and makes it reliable and future-proof.

Alistair Pugin

Alistair is an Office Servers and Services MVP and the Productivity Evangelist – Digital at Britehouse, based in South Africa. Here’s what Alistair had to say about his love with Valo:

I love Valo and here are 2 reasons that are behind this love story:

  • Ease of deployment. I was fascinated how easy it was to deploy. 82 minutes to be exact. From the time I ran the script, to it being fully deployed in my clients Office 365 tenant.
  • It’s all about the feature Packs. Usually, building an Intranet from the ground up, requires considerable design and configuration time. With Valo, there’s a standard set of features, including styling, which are perfectly priced for all our clients, and as they grow, they can purchase additional functionality as and when required. The simplicity of choices make Valo the go-to product for us.

Thomas Vochten

Thomas is an Office Servers and Services MVP and a SharePoint Technology Consultant at Xylos, based in Belgium. Thomas shared with us a true love story about Valo:

We had great customer successes with our Valo deployments. The 2 top reasons why we love Valo Intranet are :

  • Our customers love Valo because it gives them a head start on having a beautiful, customizable and ready-to-go intranet right out of the gate.
  • It enables our customers to achieve more with less, because it’s built upon a solid foundation and because it allows us to focus on delivering even more value.

Share your intranet love stories

Do you have any love story with your intranet? We would love to hear your stories and continue to share the Valo Intranet love!

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