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Far behind are the times when purchasing a new intranet was massive, intimidating, and time-consuming. You poured hundreds of thousands into the project and waited, fingers crossed, hoping for the best. You went along as if blind, without getting anything visible or tangible at first. The projects took from six months to several years. There was no idea of shortcuts or best practices. You waded through the same pits and bumps as everybody else, hoping that the car held together and the passengers’ nerves weren’t wrecked. Then you faced content creation, role-casting, launching the new intranet, user training, and alongside that, boosting an even more open organizational culture. You had to find the energy and zeal for these. Sometimes you had more, sometimes less.

The above true story describes tailored intranet solutions, which have their time and place, but nowadays you no longer need to start such projects from scratch. You can see ready-made solutions, such as Valo Intranet, as the starting package for building your own intranet. Sometimes they offer all that is needed on a turnkey basis. A ready-made solution doesn’t mean that it can’t be reshaped to suit the customer’s needs. Full customization is often unnecessary nowadays, because a ready-made solution answers most of the customer’s needs for intranet.

James Robertson, one of the world’s most renowned intranet experts and nonfiction writers, noted in early 2016:

Within 1-2 years, the #SharePoint #intranet marketplace will shift from 90% custom-coded solutions, to 80-90% out-of-the-box intranet products running on SharePoint as a platform.

What does all this mean in practice?


From the technical point of view, intranet projects will move from dedicated servers toward cloud services. The future is there. Office 365 offers more versatile possibilities for communications, such as Delve profiles and blogs posted to Valo, Office 365 videos, groups intended for teamwork, and the social communications tool Yammer. For example, 90% of Blue Meteorite’s new intranet projects will be in a cloud. In comparison to the rest of the world, we in Finland are clearly pioneers in the utilization of cloud services. Let’s keep the lead and show the way to others.


Conceptually, intranets will be transformed from one-way news channels to being supportive of social interaction. The content will also be diversified: in addition to running text-oriented content and documents, visuality will increase in the form of images and videos. Intranet was previously mostly used during the workday from your own workstation and desktop machine. In the future, its use will shift ever more prevalently to wherever, whenever and with whatever device. An example of this is Valo, which is fully responsive and accompanies you wherever you are. A native mobile application is also available and therefore intranets can be at everyone’s hands, both knowledge workers and field workers.

The way of doing intranet projects

The manner of executing intranet projects will also change. Instead of long, heavy and expensive projects, agile development will be implemented more lightly and economically. The construction of an intranet was previously always started from scratch, with long specifications, predicting the needs of the future and concentrating on technology. Nowadays, ready-made concepts and package solutions are most often selected. Instead of technology, the focus is on the development of business by means of digitalization, the creation of better workday experiences, the modernization of working methods, and more comprehensive utilization of the know-how of the work community. This leaves time and energy for the most essential thing: changing the organizational culture.

The future belongs to ready-made intranet solutions in which, rather than on technology, you can focus on the creation of an open corporate culture and building a great community for better workday experiences.

In customer organizations, intranet projects were previously on about a three-year cycle, because of a new SharePoint version, the need for migration, and new hopes and dreams. The renovation of the intranet has typically been laborious and stressful for IT and communications departments, intranet owners and others working with intranets.

Fortunately, this is changing. When an enterprise uses a solution such as Valo, development is continuous and there is no need for migrations from time to time. Your intranet is never outdated. Valo Fresh guarantees that your intranet will adapt to the changes of the platform, and you can exploit the features of Office 365 to the full. Valo’s new features, published four times a year, keep your intranet in shape. You also have Valo’s mobile application available. With it, you can reach your colleagues easily, with notifications of news coming straight to everybody’s pocket. Peace of mind guaranteed.

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