How do we use Valo Intranet?

valo intranet

Our company’s new intranet is launched! And since we, in Blue Meteorite, like dogfooding our own products and services, the brand new intranet is based on the latest Valo Intranet.

To use our own product, Valo Intranet, by ourselves is the best way to get deeper knowledge about our product, innovate new ideas and use cases, and to learn to produce better customer experiences. And of course, now we have also almost 100 internal test users, that’s awesome!

Getting the most out of our intranet

Having Valo Intranet as our own intranet lets us improve our ways of working and build better ways to find information. We all really care about supporting our business and building our company culture by using modern tools in our digital workplace. With Valo internal communication is easier than ever.

valo intranet release 1.7

We are utilizing Valo in our daily work in multiple ways for example with these Valo features:

  • Highlight News – We pinned news to get important messages through to all of our intranet users. This way all users are aware of the important things going on in our company. And making our intranet more visual is super simple and fast by using drag and drop in news editor.
  • Event Hub – Our upcoming trainings and events are shown in one place, with all the materials and videos related to the events. Also, attendees can easily make their event registerations through Valo!
  • Discussion Feeds with Yammer integration – We use Yammer as our internal social collaboration tool. Important announcements, discussions, and praises are embed on the front page for everyone to see. We’ve been using Yammer for over 5 years and couldn’t live without it. We love Yammer and how it socializes our intranet!
  • Latest Video – If some of us didn’t make it to the latest training or info session – no worries, the recorded internal trainings and info sessions are easily accessible through the Latest Video- feature.
  • Social Hub – Here we follow our company’s social media feeds such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, all shown in one place. Now it’s easy for everyone to be updated with the latest company related social media posts. Social Hub teaches employees how to be social externally and how social media can be a powerful business tool, too.

All above mentioned features are shown on our company’s intranet front page, so the information is quickly available and easy to access. Effortless working days await!

More intranet tips & tricks

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