How to Automate Extranet Access & Customized Solutions to Save Time & Resources

Management without coding in Valo Entrance

Do you work longer hours than you’d like? According to a report by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), three in five UK adults work longer hours than they want, with almost one in four overworking by ten or more hours each week.

One element that can have a huge impact on time saving in the workplace is automation, putting the emphasis on working smarter, not harder.

Automate extranet access

Valo Entrance is one of our suite of digital workplace tools that allows organizations to automate extranet access, saving time and resources for IT workers involved in external stakeholder management.

Close collaboration with external companies and their employees is vital for any of business. These contacts often require access to your resources and granting permission in a secure way can be time consuming.

Whether your business uses Valo Extranet or out-of-the-box SharePoint to distribute information and materials, Valo Entrance makes it simple for you to share them with your external users safely and securely.

You can map available resources to users in a simple way using “Access Units”. Whether you need to share sites or groups, Valo Entrance enables you to easily grant and control access rights for individual users or larger groups of people, including a whole domain.

The handy Self-Service Registration Portal allows users to sign up by entering their email address, after which they’ll receive a branded email inviting them to join (see example below).

Automate extranet access with Valo Entrance.
Above is an example of how we use Valo Entrance’s branded email invitation to invite our Partners to our Partner Resources.

Valo Entrance really is your ultimate door man to VIP access management in Microsoft 365!

With any Extranet, one of the greatest overheads is managing users and their permissions. Valo Entrance alleviates much of that workload for us by enabling users to register through the Self-Service Registration Portal.

Take our word for it

We know just how useful Valo Entrance can be for automating extranet access because we use it ourselves!

Valo has a vast network of Partners all over the world and before developing Valo Entrance, we used a customized form to register and assign access to each person separately. Then, when a new starter joined the Partner company, we would have to add each new user manually.

Automate extranet access with Valo Entrance.
Valo Entrance’s Self-Service Registration Portal makes granting external users access to your tenant so much quicker and easier.

All that manual work is now automated by using Valo Entrance’s ability to add domains, so that everyone who uses that domain can self-register to access all our Partner resources.

And theirs…

Australian local government company CivicRisk Mutual was one of our first Valo Entrance customers, working with Premium Partners Nexon.

As an organization of over 20 councils, the ability to automate extranet access was key to improving efficiency for CivicRisk employees and their members.

As a member-driven organization it is important their local councils can access the extranet whenever they need. However, access management for external users had always been a huge pain point for them until installing Valo Entrance, says Andrew Armitstead, CEO of CivicRisk Mutual.

Our previous extranet technology was rigid, expensive and required a specialised skillset to maintain – that we just didn’t have in-house. The new Valo Entrance solution will modernise content delivery for our members and dramatically improve their experience with our organisation.

Not just an IT solution

Although the ability to automate extranet access undoubtedly makes life easier for IT, other departments can also benefit.

The Valo Entrance API has been built to allow Partners to do their own customizations so the access management tool can be integrated with third party applications, such as HubSpot, ensuring Sales and Marketing can benefit too.

So, does your organization have resources that it needs to share with external partners? Why not save yourselves time and energy by adopting Valo Entrance to automate extranet access?

You can find out more about the challenges of external access management in our blog, or watch Partner Manager and Product Evangelist Daniel Anderson’s introduction to Valo Entrance on our YouTube channel.


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