How to keep your intranet fresh and compatible with Office 365?

Microsoft is upgrading its Office 365 platform all the time. Each upgrade brings your employees great new features. But – because you can’t decide whether to accept those upgrades or not – your intranet built on Office 365 must adapt to changes. How to do it? The answer is Valo Fresh.

Valo Fresh keeps your intranet up to date – always

If you are a Valo Intranet customer with Fresh subscription  – you are on the safe side. Our Product Team follows proactively what changes are coming to the platform.  If something critical is going to change that affects our product – and your intranet – the Product Team will release a hotfix to solve the issue.

Sometimes even Microsoft’s processes are not water proof. For example, couple of weeks ago Microsoft changed Yammer API without noticing anybody and because of that Yammer Praises in the Valo Intranet front page started working strangely. All customers with Valo Fresh subscription were able to fix their intranet in very short notice – even though Microsoft’s process failed.

With Valo Fresh subscription your intranet stays 100% compatible with Office 365. Peace of mind as a service.

But that’s not all. Office 365 is evolving and so should your intranet. The days when new intranets were rebuilt every 2-3 years are over. The way of doing intranet development has changed from one-time mammoth projects to continuous development with quick tangible results.

New releases and features continuously for Valo Fresh Customers

Valo Intranet Product Team publishes new releases, with new exciting intranet features roughly every 3 months. And although Valo Intranet is heavily tested in every release, any software can always perform better. So we are fine-tuning the product all the time. All Fresh customers receive these improvements without additional license cost.

The modern world is fast paced. Your employees are your most valuable asset and they deserve an intranet that keeps getting better all the time.

Get core features with the free Valo Intranet mobile app

Besides all these, every Valo Fresh customer gets the Valo Intranet native mobile app for iPhone and Android for free. Just download the app from the App Store or Google Play and your intranet experience will never be the same. As we shift to more flexible working arrangements and ‘on the go’ work style, fewer people are tied to their desks. This is a perfect way to meet the expectations of your employees who want an easy access to information.

How to become a Valo Fresh Customer?

When purchasing Valo Intranet licenses from your local partner, remember to opt-in for Valo Fresh subscription at the same time. With Valo Fresh you will get all the following advantages using your Valo:

  • Your Intranet is always fresh, compatible, and updated – easily and conveniently
  • All published releases and hot features are available to you
  • Get continuous improvement on your Intranet
  • Support your ‘on the go’ workers with the Valo Intranet mobile app
  • Make your employees happier and increase their engagement
  • Last but not least, sleep well with peace of mind

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