How Valo Connect Completes Microsoft Viva Connections

Valo Connect completes Microsoft Viva

When Microsoft Viva recently launched an old SharePoint guy like me felt overwhelmingly good. SharePoint is finally coming out from the shadows of Microsoft Teams for real. Up until now, using Teams has been a major disappointment for me.

You may wonder what I’m talking about. But before Microsoft Lists, the role of SharePoint was hidden inside Teams. It was only used to host files, and that was almost it. You could add a tab to show a SharePoint page inside a single Team, but honestly, I’m not sure how many did that.

Microsoft Viva Connections brings SharePoint back through a dedicated personal app and navigation control. This serves to highlight the hub navigation, sites and news. From a Valo user’s perspective, this means your Valo Intranet is now available inside Microsoft Teams.

What you can do with Microsoft Viva Connections

So, what else can you do?

You can define your SharePoint home site to be any SharePoint modern communications site. Additionally, you can leverage the global hub navigation of the home site to show the navigation structure in the Viva Connections and SharePoint app bar.

Every SharePoint home site is a news site in the organization. So news items created on the home site will appear automatically in Viva Connections as well as in the SharePoint app bar.

You can add other sites, such as news, if needed. You can even create and add a Microsoft Viva Connections app into Teams for all your users.

Microsoft Viva Connections

How to use Valo Intranet + Microsoft Viva Connections

In the Valo Digital Workplace context, you can set your existing Valo Intranet site as the SharePoint home site.

By doing this you’ll have the Valo Toolbox and all other Valo Intranet features available in one place.

Then you can add the relevant navigation to the hub level, which does not need to match the Intranet navigation, as those are two separate things in Valo.

These can include links to solutions such as Valo Teamwork, Valo Ideas, etc., if they’re not already linked in your Valo Intranet mega menu.

If you have “What’s new” and other news sites on your intranet, you can add those as organization news site sources too.

As a result, you can have all the Valo solutions inside your Microsoft Teams in a breeze.

How Valo Connect enhances Microsoft Viva

Over a year ago, we started talking to our Valo Partners about Valo for Microsoft Teams, enabling embracing SharePoint in Microsoft Teams.

Later last year, we were excited to release Valo Connect to help Partners and customers to build digital workplace solutions using their existing investments in Microsoft 365 and to share the solutions in Microsoft Teams.

But then the question, is this enough?

Valo Connect completes Microsoft Viva
Valo Intranet and Microsoft Viva Connections work in harmony together.

Our aim is to empower every customer to define relevant apps and services for their employees with every device. Services can differ based on their role and location, which customers can select for their end users.

You can define different default elements, such as navigation, footer, social, etc., that are being shown on the page or not. For example, as navigation does not provide any added value in the My News or Enterprise Search page, you can hide it.

Regarding Viva Connections, I do not think we compete but complete the experience with Valo Connect.

Valo Connect personalizes content inside Teams

With Valo Connect, the news items you create to communicate with your employees are also available inside Microsoft Teams under the “My News” experience. Important messages are shown on every single page considered to be crucial for employees.

Valo Connect completes Microsoft Viva
With Valo Connect employees can created a personalized “My News” dashboard.

HR can integrate relevant services like forms and policies into the context where employees spend their daily time looking for information.

IT can manage services and apps based on the user roles to make the experience more meaningful for employees. You can easily search for any project site and workspaces using Valo Teamwork.

Enterprise search enables an easy way to access all information and people in the organization. It is not about showing the only Intranet in Microsoft Teams but enabling employees through any services they might need on any device.

Find out what else can you do with Viva Connections and Microsoft Viva by joining our webinar on June 3rd hosted by our APAC Partner Manager Daniel Anderson. Hear more about how you can boost your employee experience with Viva Connections. Also, follow us for upcoming posts about Viva Topics and other Microsoft Viva solutions.


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