5 Ways to Increase Employee Engagement in Microsoft Teams

increase employee engagement in Microsoft Teams

Employee engagement is a hot topic right now. With millions of people continuing to work remotely, the number one priority for employers is keeping their employees engaged and connected. So, with 115 million daily activity users, how can you increase employee engagement in Microsoft Teams?

Investing in the right digital workplace technology has never been more important. Studies show that engaged employees are 17% more productive than their peers. And not only do highly engaged organizations see an average of 20% higher sales they have 21% higher profitability too.

How to increase employee engagement in Microsoft Teams

To enhance employee engagement, organizations need the right tools in place to help their employees thrive in an era of flexible work. This is why we created Valo Connect, which lives inside Microsoft Teams. With this tool employees only need to log on to one place to connect to the people, conversations, news, information and content in order to have an efficient workday experience.

Valo Connect is precisely the solution that my customers have been craving. Everyone has speedily adopted Teams during COVID. They now want to double down on that investment and continue to consolidate new services into Teams.

Here’s five ways you can use Valo Connect to improve internal communications, boost collaboration and ultimately increase employee engagement inside Microsoft Teams.

1. Integrate your intranet within Microsoft Teams

  • Use the homepage of your corporate intranet as Valo Connect’s landing page
  • Enable comments and likes for internal news stories just like a regular intranet

Integrating a fully functional intranet inside Microsoft Teams will not only boost employee engagement it will improve productivity too.

Giving your employees access to features such as Events, News, Likes, Comments as well as productivity tools such as Meeting Room Bookings, Holidays, Social Hub and FAQs – within Teams means your employees can interact with content and tools in context, on platform they’re spending their working days in.

Don’t drag your users over to the intranet. Bring the intranet to the place where they are already working inside Teams!

Regardless of whether they’re using Valo Intranet or another SharePoint in-a-box component, such as the Microsoft Look Book, Valo Connect will eliminate the need for employees to switch between Microsoft Teams app and their web browser.

2. Create your very own personalized digital workplace dashboard

  • Employees can engage with news that matters most to them, thanks to Valo Connect’s personalized dashboard

The much-anticipated feature rolling out in a few months helps you to customize your digital workplace. This enables you and your employees to specify which content you want to see. From corporate comms to personalized team news and even third-party news sources – you’ll never miss the opportunity to engage with what’s happening in the world around you.

Valo Connect brings all the relevant content and documents in one place, e.g. being able to see what’s coming up in your day/week, calendar of events, combined with your inbox messages and recent conversations in Teams. This happens in a dedicated dashboard, configurable by the individual.

With controls to set organization-wide policies, administrators can ensure employees’ dashboards are used with consistency in line with their organizations’ adoption strategy.

3. Search and find all documents and pages in one place

  • Bring all files, people and news together thanks to Valo Connect’s easy Enterprise Search
  • Edit documents in context directly in Microsoft Teams

So much time is wasted looking for documents and pages. However, with Valo Connect’s intuitive search center, you and your co-workers can access every document you need to work on at a click of a mouse. This means you’ll spend less time navigating the technology, and more time working on the actual documents.

Search any term or topic and the results will brought back instantly. With Valo Connect’s Search Center you can click on the document you’re looking for, say a PowerPoint presentation, and be taken straight there to  start contributing and editing without having to click on any other icon/platform/browser.

4. Embed Valo Intranet’s People Finder directory

  • Bridge the connection between teams

With traditional intranets, or SharePoint sites, employees may find contact information such as names, email addresses and phone numbers.

Embed our People Finder directory straight into Valo Connect and you’ll be able to search by office, location or job title and within an instant, you can find your colleagues from anywhere across the company more easily. All you have to do is click on their name to initiate a discussion with them.

Valo Connect is an amazingly useful tool that will bring stronger engagement within your digital workforce.

5. Bring teamwork and ideation platforms into Microsoft Teams

  • Make connections to the Valo ecosystem with a seamless integration with Valo Teamwork and Valo Ideas

Valo Teamwork has long been helping our customers take control of governance inside Teams. As Microsoft Teams has become a default communication tool for many organizations where daily activities, chats, meetings, and team collaboration take place.

This tool brings all these possibilities into a central dashboard. You and your co-workers are then able to see all of the teams and SharePoint sites you are a member of, or have access to, and can utilize the ready-built templates to create task lists and dashboards.

This makes engaging with cross-functional teams, distributed around the globe, a breeze. Our customer, Vapo Group, an international Sustainable Living company, describes it like this:

Since the Covid-19 lockdown began Vapo’s staff have rapidly adopted Microsoft Teams. They have found Valo Teamwork, which natively integrates into Microsoft Teams, a very useful tool to use to find the groups and collaboration spaces they’re working in.

Additionally, to help you democratise the ideation process and find out great ideas from your colleagues you can use Valo Ideas. With this tool you can can collect, discuss, nurture ideas and ask for people to vote for their favorite all within Microsoft Teams. The gamification effect of the tool improves employee engagement instantly.

If you’re using the Teams app, everyone can share ideas instantly without having to wait until they’ve logged on to their workspace.

Valo Ideas works to get the conversation started. It works to get buy-in from your employees.

Get started with better employee engagement in Microsoft Teams

  1. Connect with us today and book a demo to get the ball rolling.
  2. Let a Valo Partner configure the Valo Connect application for you.
  3. Customize your information architecture with Valo’s content centers.
  4. Brand the Valo Connect experience to fit your visual guidelines.
  5. Ensure a successful rollout by adopting a progressive deployment approach.


Want to know more? Find out Valo Connect can increase employee engagement in Microsoft Teams by booking a demo today or get in touch for a tailored discussion.


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