Introducing Valo’s Latest Add-on: tyGraph Analytics

If you’re not a data driven organization, you’re not going to be an organization five years from now, says Ed Senez from UnlimitedViz, makers of Valo’s latest analytics add-on tool tyGraph. He believes the more data you can collect, the more it will inform and improve your business processes, change management, and internal communications.

So, we sat down with our new strategic partner to talk all about what tyGraph is, what you can use it for, and how you can use data to improve the employee experience.

What is tyGraph?

Ed Senez: tyGraph is an award-winning analytics platform that is now available as an add-on for all Valo Solutions customers.

It’s been designed to energize the employee experience, helping organizations to organize, measure and analyse human interactions at work.

How can Valo customers use tyGraph data?

ES: It can be utilized by HR, corporate communications, community managers, and IT. Each can use it differently to uncover valuable insights.

For example, internal comms and community managers can use the data to drive engagement.

HR can use it to look at employee wellbeing, sentiment analysis and demographics, such as diversity, equality and inclusion.

IT can use it for telemetry, utilization and throughput as well as optimizing tech investment.

And change managers can use it to implement better change management programs by identifying and improving user journeys and user adoption.

Do Valo customers need to upskill current teams to use tyGraph?

ES: There’s almost no training needed to use tyGraph. It’s very self-explanatory. It allows people to really engage with their data right out of the box.

The most exciting thing is people probably won’t even know that they’re using it as it has been immersed into the Valo experience. So, when users log in, they’ll instantly have access to a rich analytics tool as part of their package.

How is the data displayed within Valo?

ES: We are continuing to evolve how the data is displayed, but right now Valo customers can see charts and graphs built onto web pages within Valo.

We’ve intentionally made the UX very simple to use. It doesn’t involve Power BI models or anything of that nature.

tyGraph analytics have been immersed into the Valo experience.

We display user journeys, such as where employees come from, where they go through to. Users can take a look at individual intranet pages and see exactly what’s been clicked on.

In the near future, in 2022 Valo customers will be able to see a heat map of a page. This means they’ll be able to visually understand how people are engaging with the content on that page.

How long does tyGraph hold the data for?

ES: We will hold data for up to a couple of years and in some cases we hold it for all time. To give you a comparison, Microsoft retains data for 90 days. After that it just evaporates.

What’s the best way to get started with tyGraph?

ES: A great way to start is to have an initiative or use-case in place to understand how the tool works.

Set an objective e.g., ‘I want to use it for this purpose’ and take it from there. The SAAS world call this approach the “land and expand” model.

We recommend getting started with something that’s practical. Something that will provide value right out of the box.

Once people start to see behaviour patterns in the first data reveal, in some cases in near real time, I have not seen a case where somebody hasn’t said, “I didn’t know that”.

If you can get that data in the hands of the people that can affect change, then you can really drive a lot of positive behaviour.

What else can Valo customers use tyGraph analytics for?

ES: From an organizational change management perspective, we recommend using the APGAR model because data science is about having a structure and process. Data gives you the signal and the pointer for what’s working well or isn’t.

Once organizations begin engaging with their data, they can do some very interesting things with it such as bringing HR data together with telemetry data.

For example, HR managers can identify whether employees have read the latest health and safety briefing. If not, they can create a prompt campaign reminding employees to do so.

Data allows organizations to really infect and invoke change, by implementing the “build, measure, learn wheel”. If you can compress that time cycle, you can really start to change your organization quickly.

How important has data become for internal comms?

ES: The status of internal comms people has elevated in the hybrid world. Now, they are the people talking to the CEO on a daily basis.

They’re the ones pushing out announcements digitally. And they’re the ones who need to use data as a feedback mechanism to identify whether employees received the comms, read it, and how they felt about it.

CEOs are increasingly leaning on internal comms to find out engagement stats on their town hall messages. Which are resonating, which aren’t? Which did people engage with it? And how did they feel about it?

How can internal comms use tyGraph data?

ES: Internal comms teams can use tyGraph data to start measuring sentiment and engagement, which will inform future content and communications.

For example, once they can see they had a 32 percent engagement on one piece but 67 percent engagement on another, they can start to have meaningful conversations about the type of comms they’re creating in the future.

In addition, internal comms can use tyGraph data to collect search analytics. For example, they can see the top search terms being used on the intranet. This helps them to understand not only which keywords employees are using to discover content, they can identify where employees went and how long they stayed on that page too.

How much does the tyGraph add-on cost Valo customers?

ES: We’ve made it super inexpensive to get the Valo version of tyGraph. The Valo version is a third of the cost of your Valo license. So, if you pay if you pay $1,000, for a Valo license, you get tyGraph for $300.

And because we’ve intentionally licensed it at what we call the tenant level, once it’s installed anyone in the organization can use it.

Want to see what tyGraph is all about for yourself? Join us at the #ValoBooth during one of the upcoming in-person events to see a live Valo demo featuring tyGraph.
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The tyGraph analytics add-on is now available for all Valo Solutions customers. Get in touch to find out how you can add it to your suite of tools today.

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