Made with #ValoLove: Our Story So Far

We’ve undergone significant changes since our global Valo Intranet business began with just seven team members back in 2015, in Finland.

In the last year alone, our global revenue grew +48%, we expanded our crew to 50+, and opened our North America HQ in Montreal, Canada.

This year is going to be just as exciting as we set the bar higher and aim to make our global Valo family even stronger; welcoming a whole bunch of new talent across our many offices around the world.

Global Reach

We are going from strength to strength.

Our award-winning digital workplace solution, which supports both Office 365 and on-premises SharePoint Server 2016 and 2019, and can be accessed via our Valo Intranet mobile app, started out as a regional-based product, selling to just the Finnish market in 2011.

Yet, our global story really began in 2015, due breakthroughs in cloud technology, and the success of Microsoft cloud services, Office 365 and Azure.

Our intranet product is now being enjoyed by more than one and a half million global users, in over 40 countries, working in 23 languages, in companies ranging from 100 employees to global enterprizes, and supporting both Classic and Modern SharePoint.

Award-winning products

What a fun journey the last three years have been!

In that time, we’ve become a globally recognized, award-winning intranet product provider, with a 200+ strong partner network of influential SharePoint and Office 365 professionals.

Valo Partner Network
Having a good time at a #ValoParty with our awesome partners and dear Valo friends!

And, we’ve had quite a party along the way too, celebrating our prestigious achievements including:

Designed for a purpose

When we began designing our digital workplace products, we knew we had to solve three of the most commonly held complaints about old-style intranets:

  • They took too long to build and were too expensive
  • Once ‘live’, people still couldn’t find relevant information on them
  • They didn’t connect colleagues and the build the company culture within the organization

Fast and customizable

Where in the past, it used to take IT & Comms teams between six and 12 months to launch an intranet, now, in some cases, in just one week our customers can have Valo Intranet up and running.

With Valo, your new intranet can be live and launched within 1 week. Let us take care of technology while you can focus on people and change.

It’s a beautiful, easy to use, and customizable solution that looks like the company it is serving, and feels like ‘home’ for those using it.

Relevant information

We knew from our research that users of old-style intranets found it almost “impossible” to surface relevant information on them.

They also reported frequently getting lost down “black holes” in of-out-of-date content. That’s why we designed our Valo Intranet product with the user in mind, putting them and their needs at the heart of the workday experience.

Employees deserve a great intranet because great communication produces a great workplace.

We’ve made it intuitive to use, in a style that looks and feels modern.

Restoring order to ‘collaboration tool chaos’

In addition to the challenges addressed above, one of the biggest trends of last year was the emergence of numerous collaboration tools, from a variety of providers, that arrived in the workplace.

We found that our users were describing feelings of being “overwhelmed” and in “tool chaos”; and didn’t know how to connect the team, or on what channel.

We responded by creating Valo Teamwork, a single-view dashboard that acts as the interface to all teams, projects, groups and the collaboration spaces, including Teams, Yammer, SharePoint Team Sites, OneDrive, Planner – you name it.

Users can now find and manage their multiple workspaces and chat-style tools together in one place. They can organize groups, access each team’s collaboration tools quickly, as well as being able to locate and view documents and discussions easily.

Co-creating and driving innovation

Increasingly, in this digital era, it is common for colleagues to work remotely, across different sites, often spanning continents. These situations can lead to workers becoming disconnected from their mothership teams.

So, we designed our Valo Idea Management tool to combat these challenges, and to reflect the modern nature of work.

Colleagues can add their idea or contribution, and other team members can like and comment on the ideas. Everyone will be rewarded for their participation.

Our ongoing mission

We began our journey with the aim of creating better digital workplaces for businesses, and so far, we’re well on our way to fulfilling our mission.

As businesses undergo their digital transformation programmes, cross-collaboration and inter-departmental working are increasingly important.

Our solutions are helping companies to break down their departmental silos, and are empowering employees to participate, and make a difference within their organization, regardless of their job title or office location.

Valo Intranet built on Modern SharePoint
Build your ideal digital workplace with Valo’s award-winning product family.

We’ve created multiple solutions that are making a real difference to our end user’s working lives.

And we’re not stopping there.

Our products are constantly being iterated and improved. In fact, our R&D teams are always on the look-out for the ‘next big’ work trend. They are constantly monitoring how communication is changing and shaping the way we work and adapting our products accordingly.

Future goals

Taking a look ahead, we will roll-out lots of cool new stuff!

The Valo product team is developing many new Valo product initiatives, such as:

  • Tools to Boost Digital Workplace Adoption
  • External Use Scenarios (Customer / Partner Portals)
  • Deep Teams Integration
  • New Mobile Investments
  • AI capabilities using Microsoft Azure. Currently, we are leveraging AI technology to translate content into other languages. Yet, in the future, we will roll-out additional AI functions to our proposition, including the use of intranet chatbots.

And pretty soon, we will share more breaking news about the exciting next steps on Valo’s journey in Valo Partners Summits in Amsterdam, Sydney and San Diego. Stay tuned for more #ValoLove!


Valo’s philosophy is underpinned by the universal laws of communication. We believe in borderless communication, which is why we are proud to say we are one of the fastest growing international suppliers of out-of-the-box intranet solutions, servicing a global community of multinational companies. Join the journey and partner up with Valo!


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