Meet Our Latest MVP and New EMEA Partner Manager – Edyta Gorzoń

MVP Edyta Gorzon

With MVP renewals recently announced, meet our latest MVP team member and new EMEA Partner Manager – Edyta Gorzoń. As a Microsoft 365, adoption and change management specialist, she joins our EMEA team ready to help our Partners solve their challenges, reach their goals, and improve their businesses.

A nominee for “The Most Inspirational Woman of 2021” by the Tech Community 2021 Awards, Edyta is well-known for speaking, taking part and organizing events within the Microsoft community. But when she’s not working, she loves running, dancing and discovering new places.

Currently, based in Warsaw in Poland. Edyta will soon be moving to Germany for her new role. She’s fluent in Polish, English and French and is rapidly learning German! Reach out and say Cześć! Hi! Salut! Or Hallo! on LinkedIn or Twitter.

But first, find out more about what makes Edyta tick and what she plans to do in her role here at Valo in our Q&A.

Tell us a bit about yourself

I studied at the Warsaw School of Economics. I didn’t plan to have a career within the IT sector, but I got my first job in an IT company and that’s when I fell in love in technology. It was then I realized that tech is the future, and I’ve never looked back!

As an MVP, what are you planning to do in your new role at Valo?

I believe good business is all about building strong relationships. I plan to use my skills to build deep relationships with our EMEA partners.

Prior to joining Valo, I worked as a Microsoft 365, consultant, focused on change management and adoption.

My background as an MVP will be super useful in helping me to understand our Partners’ businesses, their challenges, and their goals.

Using my consultant mindset, I’ll bring value to our Partners by helping them discover which Valo Solutions can support their customer’s company strategy.

What are the current trends affecting our industry?

Meet Valo’s latest team member, MVP Edyta Gorzoń.

The way we work has changed. Hybrid work is our new reality, which I’m excited about. However, it means that we need to speed up adoption. We have to accept that we need to change the way we work.

Looking at the Microsoft ecosystem, Teams will be an even more rich environment with different features to boost this new way of collaborating.

I appreciate that many customers are resistant to change. And even though we’ve have great technologies, we have to work on changing mindsets.

It’s our job to convince people that they can use this technology in a good way. I’m looking forward to demonstrating how Valo Solutions can speed up this adoption.

Finally, what attracted you to Valo?

Valo has always been a benchmark for the other ISVs because of their marketing and the different way they present IT solutions.

I love the way Valo builds relationships with their Partners, and with the entire Microsoft community. They’re just amazing.

Over the years I’ve met up with Valo colleagues during the different events around the globe. I used to love going to their booth for a chat because I knew they were doing great things.

During this time, I became good friends with those who work or have worked at Valo.. so when the opportunity came up to work with them, I #ValoJumped at the chance.


Want to meet Microsoft MVP Edyta Gorzoń? Join her in our up and coming webinar “Gain Control Over Microsoft Teams” this September 30th, 9 am CEST / 12 pm EDT / 5 pm AEST. Register today!

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