Microsoft Ignite 2021 and the Valo Perspective 

In January 2020, Microsoft announced Microsoft Ignite to take place in New Orleans in September. I was personally excited to meet Microsoft, our Valo customers, partners and talk about Valo, Microsoft 365, adoption, and tech. After that, many things changed, as we all know already. Ignite was delivered virtually in September, with tons of announcements, and a planned additional event is taking place this week. So what is happening, and which sessions might be engaging? Keep reading and find out all the scoop!

Initial Microsoft Ignite 2021 schedule was published this week with 350 sessions. When writing this post, there are near 63000 attendees participating in Microsoft Ignite, so we are talking about a massive event that virtually is possible. Keynotes are engaging, but I am most interested in the new Employee Experience Platform, Microsoft Viva, they recently released. Next to that comes anything regarding SharePoint Syntex, Cognitive services, AI, and security. All of these relate quite closely to Valo Digital Workplace solutions. Let me elaborate.

True employee engagement solutions

To me, Valo Digital Workplace solutions are already and have become even more, due to new releases last year, true employee engagement solutions. As we all know, remote work became a new norm also for people not working remotely before.

Additionally, Covid-19 took a dedicated space on the front page of corporate Intranets with targeted information to managers and alerts to the whole staff. Valo Intranet is your true staff intranet that helps embrace internal communication and interaction in a modern, visual way with this social intranet in-a-box solution.

To support remote work, the use of Microsoft Teams exploded inside organizations for communications, meetings, and collaboration causing governance challenges and information overflow. Valo Teamwork is your one-stop shop to organize your digital collaboration with easy access to digital teamwork tools through a single dashboard.

Collaboration externally became more critical with customers, partners, vendors using extranet portals, sites, and collaboration spaces like Microsoft Teams. These were causing additional pain for IT to manage all external users while securing internal resources. Valo Extranet ensures your resources are safe, yet accessible, with an invitation-only platform.

As businesses struggled to recover from the pandemic, organizations had to innovate actively to find potential new products, services, or markets and find out how to keep employees engaged. Valo Ideas brings your distributed workforce together by collecting, discussing, nurturing, as well as managing ideas together directly from the comfort of Microsoft Teams.

Now that users had all these tools, how can they still concentrate on their work and find every relevant piece of information?  Valo Connect holds all those answers as it allows you to build a custom enterprise portal inside Microsoft Teams with the digital tools that your staff will need and love.

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Based on all this, I am keen to learn more about how our Valo partners can use, e.g., SharePoint Syntex, to automate document metadata extraction within SharePoint and Microsoft Teams. Content authors can then leverage the Valo Universal web part in the intranet to show relevant information in the Valo Intranet pages based on the metadata. Check out my suggested MSIgnite session around this below:

I also plan to drill into how Cognitive services can be used to create personalized experiences in Valo Digital Workplace solutions. Or how can we identify innovations from the chat content automatically to be turned into new Valo Ideas? Below is a session relevant to this:

Not to mention how we at Valo can integrate the whole solution with Microsoft Viva to create new engaging experiences for employees to fall in love with. Some sessions that might be interesting and hold the key to some of these answers are:

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