Microsoft Teams Templating: What is there today and what’s coming soon

Microsoft Teams Templating Valo Teamwork

Microsoft Teams is a fantastic solution in giving people an intuitive interface where you can have meetings, engage in conversations, and work together on files, tasks and other items that are relevant to the task at hand. At the same time, we see many companies struggle with governance and maintenance challenges with Microsoft Teams as employees start to embrace the tool in their daily use. But not to worry, Microsoft Teams Templating might change the game!

For the tool to work, it must be as easy to use as possible or otherwise people will resort to working via email or using third-party personal tools instead of the company-provided ones. Intoxicated by their newly found freedom, people create a team for every single project and initiative they are involved in.

As time passes, finding information from the hundreds of teams that everyone is a member of becomes a big challenge for the users. On the other hand, administrators are struggling with understanding what content is still relevant, what to do with the teams after a user leaves the company, and whether all the rules and regulations in relation to things like GDPR are followed.

What are Microsoft Teams Templates?

The quite recently announced Microsoft Teams Templates allow you and your team to quickly create a new Team based on predefined templates. These templates consist of settings, channels, and pre-installed apps that will automatically be created on top of all the other functions creating a Microsoft Teams Team commences. 

The ready-made templates can be handy especially for small and medium-sized businesses since they help administrators to quickly deploy Teams across their organization and later on, tame the administration chaos within Teams, for both administrators as well as end-users.

OOTB Microsoft Teams Templating vs. Valo Teamwork

Both Valo Teamwork and newly announced Microsoft Teams Templating solutions enhance the Microsoft Teams experience for organizations by enabling companies to have approval processes for new team creation and to create complex Team templates with unified file structure.

Preconfigured channels and tabs and even including things like preconfigured Planner plans with task templates. Additional tools are also provided for grouping teams together with metadata and handling the lifecycle of Teams with easy access to Teams archiving.

This comparison will give you a clear idea of what OOTB Microsoft Teams has and how our Valo Teamwork can bring added value on top of those functionalities!

Out-of-the-box Microsoft Teams Templating

Here’s in a nutshell what can be done with Microsoft Teams Templating. This is not yet available and all of the information below is based on announcement blog posts.

  • Create Teams Templates
  • Capture Teams Channels / Apps / Tabs
  • Users can create new Teams based on pre-built IT Templates
  • Users can modify pre-built IT templates for each team creation

Valo Teamwork

With Valo Teamwork there is so much more you can do on top of just OOTB Microsoft Teams templating:

  • Create Teams / Office 365 Group / SharePoint Templates
  • Capture SharePoint Lists/Library/Branding + Teams Channels / Apps / Tabs + Planner buckets & tasks
  • Integrate with Site Designs / PnP Templates
  • Users can create new Teams / SharePoint Sites based on pre-built IT Templates and have to follow the template
  • Templates can have settings such as Privacy / External Sharing forced at the template level
  • Hide the Wiki tab in favor of OneNote

Order Form for creating a new Team

When creating a new Team in Microsoft Teams there is a clear difference in the selection of functionalities. Here’s a comparison on OOTB Microsoft Teams and Valo Teamwork on possibilities:

Out-of-the-box Microsoft Teams

This is not yet available and all of the information below is based on announcement blog posts.

  • Team Name / Privacy / Description
  • Can only order templated Teams
  • Different UI Experience depending on where you order form

Valo Teamwork

Already available. Get in touch to get started!

  • Team Name / Privacy / Description / Custom Metadata
  • Can order any of the available Teamwork templates
  • Same UI Experience no matter the workspace
  • Can request External Users to be enabled from the start

Approval Before the creation of a new Team

Here’s a comparison on OOTB Microsoft Teams and Valo Teamwork on possibilities:

Out-of-the-box Microsoft Teams

This is not yet available and all of the information below is based on announcement blog posts.

+ Open Source Power Apps app
+ No official support outside of Github Issues

Valo Teamwork

Already available. Get in touch to get started!

+ Built into the product
+ Support trough your Valo Partner

Unique capabilities only for Valo Teamwork

Additionally, Valo Teamwork provides the end-users with an intuitive listing of all of your Teams, with the favorite Teams on prominent display as well as easy access to the OneDrive library, Planner plan, Stream video library of the Team and any other Microsoft 365 tool that the organization is using.

There are also tools for the discovery of new Teams, and the users can even display their Yammer communities as well as traditional Outlook Groups or even SharePoint sites in the same consolidated view.

These unique capabilities not available through any other provider today:

  • The whole installation can be installed into the customer’s Microsoft 365 and Azure tenant, allowing complete control over access rights, data location and application lifecycle by the end customer.
  • Valo Teamwork works both as a personal app in Teams, as well as fully integrated as a corporate intranet inside the customer’s SharePoint Online environment through our seamless integration into SharePoint Online and Valo Intranet in specific.
  • Many of our over 250+ Microsoft Certified Valo Partners utilize Teamwork assessment program and Fast track materials as part of their deliveries.

All Valo products are built directly on top of Microsoft 365, bringing you the best out of Microsoft, combined with the innovation from Valo.


If you are interested on learning more about efficient teamwork, take a look at how Valo Teamwork brings everything together in one view and allows administrators to have full control over the workspace lifecycle! If you want to see the product in action, get in touch!


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