Have a great new adventure, Sébastien – hello to our new Product Owners, Mark and Vardhaman

Valo Product Owners old and new

How lucky are we to have someone that makes saying goodbye so hard? 💛 On this unlucky Friday, 13th of November 2020, the Valo team says farewell to our Product Lead, Sébastien “Always be shipping” Levert. He will be greatly missed but his departure paves the way for new opportunities for Valo Team Members Mark Powney and Vardhaman Deshpande as they take on additional roles as Product Owners for Valo Connect and Valo Ideas.

Sébastien Levert will start as Microsoft’s Senior Program Manager in the Microsoft Graph team. In his new role, he will be driving the partner and customer experience for organizations that are utilizing the Microsoft Graph to build their solutions. Seb will also be continuing to give service to the SharePoint and Microsoft 365 developer community. We are very excited to gain a greater network within Microsoft and open the door to new opportunities to collaborate together.

​​​​​​​Seb has been working with us since January 2017. During the past (almost) four years he has left his handprint on so many of our products and our company culture here at Valo. As of recently, he was the Product Lead and Product Owner for Valo Connect and Valo Ideas.

Now it’s for others to have the privilege to enjoy his funny jokes and ability to inspire and create good vibes within a team. The whole Valo family is definitely going to miss you, Seb. The best thing about family though is that it lasts forever. All the best for your new journey that lays ahead, we’ll be rooting for you!

Working at Valo has been the greatest 4 years or my life. I’ve traveled the world to meet extraordinary people that have become friends since. I can’t express how much grateful I am of all the opportunities I had at Valo, my wonderful and inspiring colleagues and the absolute pleasure to discover each and every one of our partners.

Seb continues: “The next chapter is approaching very soon and it’s exciting, but I will always keep strong and amazing memories of all the adventures I was a part of at Valo!”

Sebastien Levert

Read more about Seb’s thoughts around his departure from Valo in his personal blog.

All the best with #ValoLove from the Valo Team

We picked a couple of greetings from Seb’s teammates to share their thoughts.

Working with Seb was always a pleasure due to his opened-mind approach to tackle problems and initiatives. His trust towards individuals’ opinions and courage to change his mind is what motivated us to work hard and commit to it.

Tiina Manninen, our Chief Marketing Officer, highlights that it has been an absolute pleasure to work with Seb “Always be shipping” Levert. An epic ride together, to say the least – always be having fun while getting things done, right!

Thanks for the incredible years and for playing a big part in building not only Valo Business but also the unique, energetic #ValoFamily spirit. Amazing times, unforgettable memories, many exciting growth stories with countless smiles, cheers, and #ValoJump moments! Psst. We’ll keep your seat warm, just in case 😉

Seb, our dear friend, it was an honor to work with you. Now, go and follow your dreams and do your magic! And you know, you will always be part of the #ValoFamily, no matter where you will go. Let’s keep in touch!

Mark Powney and Vardhaman Deshpande stepping in for Product Owner roles

Seb leaving Valo means that new interesting opportunities and possibilities opened up.

Our excellent and highly talented Mark Powney from the Valo APAC Team and Vardhaman Deshpande from the Development Team, with strong Valo background and knowledge, are taking on additional Product Owner roles.

Valo Connect is in a prime position to bring immediate value to customers around the world. With our strong partner network, I am excited to bring Valo’s rich community of partners and customers along a journey of continued innovation in a connected, modern, workplace.

Since day one I have been focused on Valo Ideas. The team has worked very hard and we have re-imagined it to be a solution built on top of the modern Microsoft 365 Digital work platform including Microsoft Teams and SharePoint. Now stepping into the Product Owner role, I am really looking forward to working even more closely with our partners and customers to further grow Valo’s products.

Jarbas Horst was named as Product Owner for Valo Teamwork in October 2020 and Sari Soinoja will continue her position as Product Owner for Valo Intranet and soon to be launched Valo Entrance and Valo Extranet.

The whole Valo Team is excited and will support them on their journey of developing our product portfolio ensuring the Valo product suite is also in the future in very good hands! 🙂

Valo Product Owners Nov 2020
Valo Product Owners Sario Soinoja, Mark Powney, Vardhaman Deshpande, and Jarbas Horst


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