Office 365 Groups: 3 Ways to Make Creation & Maintenance Effortless with Valo Teamwork

Valo Teamwork Office 365 Group Creation & Maintenance

Office 365 brings us a lot of incredible innovations that help businesses around the world. And Office 365 Groups allow us to stay connected between those innovative tools. However, with so many groups being created effortlessly, how do you control it all? How do you take this ecosystem of applications, that’s rolled out to your entire company, back into IT’s controlWith Valo Teamwork.

Here are three ways our product makes O365 Group creation & maintenance effortless. 

Valo Teamwork Office 365 Group Creation & Maintenance

1 – Have a real approval process for your new Office 365 Groups

Instead of the rest of the office always having to mail IT for new O365 Groups, provide everyone with the ability to order their own detailed teams and have IT approve them. If needed, you can also create advanced rules like “auto-approve all manager requests” and much more. 

While you’re ordering Groups will help simplify the way you create them; better auditing and traceability with a formal process will help ensure the future stays just as easy. 

2 – Don’t repeat the same work with the help of our templates

Now, you’ll only need to think about when you’ll need to update the template rather than having to make sure every team is how it should be. For Project teams, automatically create a “Project Management” channel, and automatically create a Notebook section to go with itFor Board teams, automatically enable external sharing but apply confidential labeling for all your files. With Interest groups, go crazy and actually create Yammer Communities instead of teams. No matter what you need to do with your Office 365 Groups, our templates make life much easier and more efficient.

3 – Make finding your Office 365 Groups easier with metadata

It’s tough finding your groups, and information associated with those groups, with so many created on the regular, especially in large organizations. This isn’t an issue with Valo Teamwork with which you can filter your groups based on whatever defined metadata you choose to create.  

A prime example of this is automatically listing all “Product Development Teams” on the front page of the Product Development section of your Intranet. 

Valo Teamwork Office 365 Group Creation & Maintenance

BONUS – Combine Office 365 Groups with the rest of your collaboration solutions

Valo Teamwork brings together Office 365 and on-premises SharePoint sites with highly classified content into the same user-friendly view. Allowing for seamless jumps between platforms. 

For example, you can bring your old SharePoint sites created with legacy tools into the same view with a few clicks. A lot of companies have previously built their Project sites with different custom tools. They don’t want to spend time migrating them, as many of them are not in active use anymore. But with Valo Teamwork, it’s pretty easy to just get the existing sites listed and have all the new tools like Microsoft Teams available for new Projects. It’s a great way to make a smooth transition away from a legacy tool.  

Make Your Office 365 Groups Creation & Maintenance Effortless with Valo Teamwork

Now that you’ve seen how Valo Teamwork can make Office 365 Group creation and maintenance effortless, it’s time to see how it can make your life easier by scheduling a free call or demo with one of our Valo Certified Partners!


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