People Behind Valo: Gautam Sheth, MVP – Software Designer

We know our team is filled with talented individuals. Our latest People Behind Valo post looks at our very talented Microsoft Most Valuable Professional, and Valo Software Designer, Gautam Sheth.

In this series, we get to know the People behind Valo! More behind the scenes and the introductions can be found under the Careers and “People” tags. If you want to be one of us, see our open careers or hit us up with an open application.

Being part of a kick-a$$ team

Gautam Sheth is part of our amazing Software Design team and his skills and talent do not shy away from making Valo products what they are. Gautam works specifically in the Valo Intranet team to help the team develop new and innovative features. He says he takes pride in ensuring our amazing customers and partners benefit from our products by providing a smooth work day. Additionally, Gautam says he loves being part of a team that never stops learning all the while being part of a “kick-a$$” team!

Gautam, and the Valo Intranet team at the Valo HQ

Becoming a MVP

Gautam started contributing to various Patterns and Practices (PnP) repositories like PnP PowerShell, PnP Framework, PnP SPFx controls and others. The contributions would be in the form of new features, bugs and documentation fixes. From what stared as a hobby and passion of his, Gautam took this on as a after work project. These contributions were recognized by Erwin van Hunen and Bert Jansen, who then invited him to join the PnP PowerShell team as the maintainer of the project.

Couple of months later, Gautam was also invited to join the PnP team as a Core team member by Vesa Juvonen.  All this and some more led Gautam to becoming a MVP. He says the MVP award and the PnP community has led to some amazing people and conversations with indivuduals from diverse backgrounds around the globe.

This award means the world to me. It motivates me to contribute even more to the amazing M365 community and is also an opportunity for me to help others via the various initiatives

Gautam and the team during Summer 2021
Gautam and the team during Summer 2021

Finding the Valo Love everyday

As Gautam has been around the team for almost 2 years, we had to ask: What motivates you everyday to wake up and work for Valo? Gautam simply told us that he loves the team he works with. He feels challenged everyday and has a passion in finding a solution in anything that comes his way. While being introduced to new and interesting ideas everyday, Gautam enjoys brainstorming with his team to find what works best!

“The warmest people are found in the coldest places”

Gautam can’t help but thank Valo for keeping him on his toes and for having him part of a hard working team. His journey to Valo started in his hometown in India and was brought all the way to the Valo headquarters in Finland. He says he can’t help but feel immensely welcomed with #ValoLove.

Although the transition from India and Finland wasn’t always easy as it took new food, weather, and culture to get use to, Gautam explains that Valo made the experience for him as smooth as possible.

Gautam compares his journey to Valo as this: “The warmest people are found in the coldest places”, he says this statement couldn’t be more true!


I think we can all learn something from Gautam! We couldn’t be prouder to have him as part of our Software Design team in Valo. Do you want to be a part of this ever-growing Valo Team? Take look at why you should join us from the video below.

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