People Behind Valo: Jarbas Horst – A Project Management Specialized Product Owner

Jarbas at our Valo Team Camp 2019, in Barcelona

Jarbas is one of our great Product Owners. After analyzing a large amount of data, he completed the Teamwork strategy plan for 2021! He says that Valo’s vision is already clear: “Position Valo Teamwork as the most recognized collaboration solution worldwide. It might be ambitious, but we will work hard for it!”

In this series, we get to know the People behind Valo! More behind the scenes and the introductions can be found under the “Careers” and “People” tags. If you want to be one of us, see our open careers or hit us up with an open application.

Early Life

Jarbas is originally from Brazil, and after serving time in the army, he moved to Germany when he was 21 years old. Jarbas feels that when young it is the best opportunity to engage into a whole new life experience! Jarbas had to integrate into a new culture while learning a new language. He felt that working in a daycare was the best way for him to learn a new language. He spent 6 months working in a daycare, and developed a basic knowledge of the language until he was able to speak it fluently.

Jarbas holding a traditional Brazilian recipe, Pão de Queijos
Jarbas holding a traditional Brazilian recipe, Pão de Queijos

Discovering A Career Path

Once Jarbas felt settled down, he began to discover his career path. He joined the German “Berufsausbildung” and in Germany, this is an educational system that allows you to learn the logistics of a profession while also working in it. He felt that a lot of his interest went towards technology development.

By 2011, Jarbas began to develop his knowledge of SharePoint. He had the chance to work in the field. Jarbas started his career working for a consultant company that ran parallelly software business focused on the development of collaboration solutions for SharePoint on-premises and Microsoft 365. Basically, since day one, Jarbas learned what challenges a software company faces and what are the needs on a collaboration solution.

Following his journey of learning and working in one specific field, Jarbas learned to speak English and continued his studies of IT Business Management from 2016 until 2019.  More specifically, Jarbas focused his studies on Project Management – now making him a qualified Product owner of Valo! Jarbas felt that this sort of study would complement his technical background.

“I feel that [Project Management] is a great background for a Product Owner to have. It gives a vision and understanding of the financial details, along with the time and management it takes for a technical project to get done!”

Putting Himself In the Shoes Of A Customer

At the end of the day, Jarbas thinks a lot about the end user and their experience to the product. Although the technical side is just as important, he places high attention on the functionality of the service and how the end user can also have an enjoyable experience while using the product. Jarbas also finds it helpful to put himself in the customers shoes by asking “Is that really an end customer problem?” and if so, he creates a specific solution based on that issue.

Jarbas at our Valo Team Camp 2019, in Barcelona
Jarbas at our Valo Team Camp 2019, in Barcelona

How Does It Feel Like Being A Valo Product Owner?

With all the hard work and detail put into our Valo Products, we had to ask him: “How does it feel like being a Valo Product Owner?” And he replied: “Busy”.

Jarbas explains that a product owner is like a “mini CEO” that is responsible for the management and success of a product. From working closely with developers, to communicating with partners almost daily, and talking over strategies; while finding the most suitable strategy, Jarbas keeps himself occupied at Valo.

Having a background in business and technology, allows Jarbas to findthe most suitable strategy for our products with the resources we have, while keeping in mind of budget, quality, and time.  Jarbas believes its not about re inventing business, but really finding a plan of action that serves us and our customers best! His tip is to not only discuss potential plans and goals, but to simply “act on them”.

Jarbas and colleague, Saraliina
Jarbas and colleague, Saraliina during a workshop at Team Camp 2019

Life Outside Of Valo

Outside of Valo, Jarbas enjoys blogging, while speaking at Microsoft events and contributing to community and Microsoft projects, e.g.: maintenance of the Microsoft Graph docs. This hard community work has already been awarded with a Microsoft MVP status. Along with that and what he finds most important, Jarbas spends as much time as he can with his family.

From cooking, to cleaning, and spending time with his kids, Jarbas says this is all part of being a “Househusband”.  Sounds like Jarbas isn’t only busy with Valo Product owning, but also owns the role of a busy father!


I think we can all learn something from Jarbas and couldn’t be prouder to have him as the Product Owner of Teamwork! If you want to be a part of this ever-growing Valo Team, take look on why you should join us from the video below.

We are always looking for new talent to join the already 60+ big Valo Team! Check out our open careers or send over an open application.


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