People behind Valo: Jennifer Sonprasit – starting in a new job during a crisis

Jennifer a new job during a crisis

It’s never easy to start a new job during a crisis and having to work remotely for the next who knows how many months. Jennifer joined Valo and BM as an HR Coordinator just as the COVID-19 started affecting the daily routines, such as crisis communication and working remotely.

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Jennifer a new job during a crisis

What does Jennifer do?

Jennifer is our newest member of our Human Resource team, based in Helsinki. She is responsible for internal communication among Valo employees, travel bookings when needed, executing the onboarding process, organizing internal events such as the Pre-Christmas party and multiple other office tasks.

Before starting her journey at Valo, Jennifer worked as an organization coordinator at a trade union and alumni organization for administration professionals. She was responsible in coordinating events, along with supporting our future professionals.

Jennifer a new job during a crisis
Jennifer loves to spend her free time in the Finnish nature.

Onboarding during a crisis

Jennifer’s onboarding with Valo was not like any other Valo employee. Jennifer was the first employee to be onboarded at the start of the lockdown and her reaction to it says it all: “The first week was a bit bizarre”.

Despite the unconventional circumstances, Jennifer jumped into her role and with the help of Microsoft Teams along with her awesome Valo teamshe created virtual rooms for breaks, work, & even break exercise activities. Additionally, she Introduced several HR-support channels for all HR related questions, along with emotional support for all Valo employees.

Although Jennifer didn’t get the typical hands-on induction process that we have set up for our new Valo employees, Jennifer, along with the help of her colleagues, began her Valo journey digitally. Jennifer’s description of Valo’s teams spirit is nothing short from welcoming. Despite our different time zones between regions, Jennifer is grateful for how we still manage an inclusive working environment!

Even though Jennifer’s onboarding situation was not the most practical, she has adjusted to the situation just really well! But, we would be lying to say that we’re not eagerly waiting for the time when we get to welcome her personally to the Valo office in Helsinki!

Jennifer a new job during a crisis
A good remote working setup is crucial!

From one week at the office to several months at home

“It has been quite an adventure starting in HR and almost immediately dealing with crisis communication. In a way, I feel as if I was sort of thrown to the deep end already in the very beginning as my onboarding was disrupted by the global crisis.” – Jennifer Sonprasit. Fortunately, Jennifer has a supportive team on her side!

For Jennifer, her strategy in working from home involves structure. Starting with short morning check-in meetings with her colleagues to revise her schedule for the day, followed by a morning walk and short yoga set.

She enjoys devoting her time in bringing more value to people’s workday. So far, her favorite tasks include coordinating different campaigns for wellbeing and healthy working habits such as break exercises and managing mindfulness.

Jennifer a new job during a crisis

How do you separate work & free time?

The separation between work and home life hasn’t been the easiest task for any of us during the lockdown. She says that getting up a separate workspace by moving a dining table in front of a window and dedicating that area just for work has helped tremendously!

After work, Jennifer luckily makes time for cooking and relaxing after workdays and especially enjoys her time outside in the beautiful Finnish nature. When it’s possible, travelling, museums and cultural walks will be on the agenda again! But for now a new hobby, watercolour painting, has started to interest her!


I think we can all learn something from Jennifer! We are more than happy to have her in our team as a part of the HR-team and can’t wait for all us of to be together as a team again! If you want to be a part of this the ever-growing Valo Team, take look on why you should join us from the video below.

We are always looking for new talents to join the already 60+ big Valo Team! Check out our open careers or send over an open application.


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