People behind Valo: Jouni Poikolainen, Senior Software Developer

jouni poikolainen senior software developer

People behind Valo introduces you the people working at Valo Team. This time we introduce you to one of our cornerstones of Valo development – Senior Software Developer Jouni Poikolainen who has been with the team since day 1. 

What have you been working on lately with Valo?

I’m doing all kind of “techie” stuff mostly related to Valo Modern. In practice, it means innovating and developing new features and web parts to Valo Intranet, DevOps, Documentation, and support.

What did you do before joining Valo Team?

I have been working with SharePoint since 2007. Before joining Blue Meteorite 2011 I was a developer in customer projects. I joined Valo Team among the first ones in and been developing Valo Intranet since it’s very early days.

What do you like most about your current work?

Freedom! I have the freedom to plan my own work and working times. As a father of two, it is great to have flexibility with working times.  Another thing is my colleagues. Valo Team has the best people I have ever worked with!
Valo Seniro software developer Jouni Poikolainen

Of course, building a product is one great thing. It gives me possibilities to work on as “top of the spear” with technology. I also like the idea that I am part of the team building products so many people are using on their daily work.

How do you spend your free time?

I do not code in my free time! :) I spend time with my family, we go out to nature and to our summer cabin. Whenever possible, I go fishing. Fly fishing, angling, ice fishing you name it, I’ve at least tried it!  And I also play bass on a garage band.


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