People Behind Valo: Minna Teerimäki, Developer


Do you ever ask yourself: Where and by whom has a certain software product been actually developed? It’s time to take a look at the heroes behind Valo!

First in line is Software Developer Minna Teerimäki.

What have you been working on lately?

I’ve spent the last couple of months working with Teamwork 2.0, our new solution for collaboration in Office 365.

I tend to get attached to the functionalities I spend a lot of time with. Now the new Teamwork is my favorite. Before that, it was Idea Management.

Greetings to our friends at Rencore :)

What kind of work did you do before joining Valo?

Before joining Valo in spring 2016 I was a software designer at Blue Meteorite’s projects (for instance, Valmet) which was fun too. Joining Valo has been inspiring and also challenging. It has been instructive to develop a product “for the masses” rather than functionalities for a single customer.

What do you most like about your work?

The problem-solving! You know, the agony when something is just not working… until it is. And then you start it all over again.

I also enjoy the people around me. Valo team has some true talent which I’m trying to absorb daily.

Talented and fun-loving!

How do you spend your free time?

I’m a crafts enthusiast. I knit, knot, sew and saw. You name it. At the moment I’m painting my first ever painting. It’s mostly just a green canvas for the time being…

If I haven’t fallen asleep on the couch while knitting you may find me at a heavy metal gig. The more noise and growl the better.

I also love cycling. Whatever the weather, I at least commute with my bike daily. I’m very fond of my bikes.

I have a bike in my kitchen and another in my hallway just so that they don’t have to spend the nights outside.

I should also mention my undying love for my cats because everyone who knows me expects that. So please, send some cat pics!

I love cats


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