People Behind Valo: Olivera White – Partner Manager, North America

Olivera White, Partner Manager NA

Every great partner comes with the help of a great partner manager! We get in and out’s of our North American, Partner Manager Olivera White, who tells us what it takes to be a successful partner manager!

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Managing Valo Partners

Olivera brings Valo love in what she does every day! She describes her job as fitting and replicates her energy as she is an extrovert at heart. She finds herself working with a wide network of US and Canada-based partner companies that specialize in Microsoft solutions. Her role is to ensure Partners understand our business goals and our solutions while seeking growth opportunities. Not only does Olivera get the chance to connect with Partners, but she also gets to speak with new customers and explain the value of the solutions and connect these new opportunities to our Partners.

It is a truly enthusiastic and smart bunch that teaches me a lot as well. Doing continuous information sharing and brainstorming on how to improve and better our potential is my daily task.

Valo “Shark” Lover

Residing right outside of Toronto, Olivera is one of our North American employees who work digitally. She has lived in Toronto for the past 28 years. She lives in the countryside now and enjoys nature while doing the things she loves! Working with Valo is not her only passion. Olivera loves traveling and keeping an open mind to new experiences.

Interestingly enough, Olivera and her husband participate in scuba diving when possible. On the last trip, Olivera was on, she explains that she went on a shark expedition. She lived on a small commercial boat for a week and dived near Giant hammerheads, Bulls sharks, Tiger Sharks, and others. So close that Olivera could touch them! She says she even petted a Lemon shark as it was laying still next to her. She explains this experience as serene and thrilling, all at the same time.

Olivera during her shark expedition…yikes!

An opportunity not to be missed

Olivera has known about Valo before being part of it. Once she found out there was a job opening, she did not let one-second pass by before going for it. Her interview took place in Montreal, where our North American headquarters stands, and from that day on, Olivera became part of the Valo family.

“I love the company culture, the people, and the products. Valo stands for work-life balance and does its best to promote it and keep us healthy and happy”.

The key to a successful Partner relationship

Olivera describes her role as “connecting Partners to all things Valo”. If Partners succeed, she can confirm that she has done her job right. From qualifying leads to sending them off to Partners and presenting demos and offerings, Olivera is part of the entire partner growth lifecycle.

“Understanding Partners business goals”

“A nurturing, and honest relationship, while understanding Partner’s business goals are important”, is how Olivera describes her ideal relationship with the partners.

Overall, Olivera feels that providing what is needed to get there is a crucial point for prosperous relationships. Listening carefully, adjusting the approach, continuously improving, and maintaining trust are also how Olivera achieves success.

Olivera spending time in nature in her hometown

Lasting connections even during a Pandemic

While nothing can replace in-person meetings, chats, meetups at the conferences with a glass of wine, Olivera finds herself now adjusted to virtual meetings. We understand we are all in this together and can relate and connect at a more personal level.

Finding the humbleness in hearing the Partner’s kids in the background, the dog barking, and the sound of dishes is how Olivera has found a more human approach in interacting and connecting with partners. Without a doubt, Olivera is excited to get back out there to meet and rekindle with partners at in-person events soon enough!

End note

Doing the job of a Partner Manager is deeply rewarding. Olivera explains that being part of Valo is being part of the big, global family. Together, with our Partners and our teammates, we have endured the colossal changes to our routines and the way we work. As Olivera puts it: I believe we will come out as winners, with bigger trust in our partnership than before, and with the renewed sense that the big goals we have set to achieve are closer than ever.


I think we can all learn something from Olivera! We couldn’t be prouder to have her as part of our Partner Manager team in Valo. Do you want to be a part of this ever-growing Valo Team? Take look at why you should join us from the video below.

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