People behind Valo: Pasi Hulkko, Mobile Developer

Pasi Hulkko, Valo Web designer

The People behind Valo article series introduces members of Valo Team. 

This time we meet Mobile Developer Pasi Hulkko who’s workdays consists of creating and maintaining the native Valo Mobile App as a part of the Development team.

What have you been working on lately with Valo?

I  have been very busy with a major update for Valo Mobile that came out October 2018. We made a major User Interface facelift for the app and rewrote many parts of the code at the same time. Now the app is easier and faster to use. We also have some features dripping down from Valo Intranet to Valo Mobile to create more social and better user experience.

What did you do before joining Valo Team?

I was a web designer consultant in our mother company Blue Meteorite, working mostly with Episerver CMS and full-stack development. Fall  2017 Tomi Tavela, our Tech Lead, started to recruit me into the Valo team and here I am!

Bouldering at the local crag

What do you like most about your current work?

Well first of all the Valo team is great and working closely with your friends is very rewarding.

Product development work is a very nice change compared to consultancy. I like that I can focus on one thing only at a time and I don’t need to juggle many different deadlines for different people all the time. I have more say in the way that things are done in this app.

Code quality is much more important in my current line of work, as the lifespan of this project is much longer than my previous projects. I will also have to maintain it!

How do you spend your free time?

I climb a lot. It’s a good balance to hang from the climbing gym wall after sitting in front of a computer all day. I’ve also found that climbing keeps me very motivated to stay fit. We don’t have any mountains in Finland, so bouldering is a climbing sport of my choice.

Valo Team consists of over 20 talented, fun-loving product lovers, coding masters, marketing ninjas and MVPs from Europe and North America. Find out more about the awesome Valo Team!


Did you know the mobile app is a finalist in European SharePoint Community Awards in Mobile Solution category already a second year in a row? The winners will be announced Nov 27-28 so stay tuned!


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