Pretty in Valo Pink

Valo Sunglasses Pink

Besides being known as one of the most lovable digital workplace solutions out there, there’s more than meets the eye when it comes to the service provider renowned for its love of rosé.

#ValoLove started off like any typical rom-com, with users looking to fall in love with the way they work, and the Valo Community making it possible. Since 2015, Valo’s followers have grown by 900+ organizations and with over 3 million users worldwide with the help of our 335 partners globally. It’s no secret that people are easily smitten by everything Valo represents.

From the people behind Valo all the way to its products, here are 3 reasons why Valo has become the comfort food of the hybrid and digital workplace.

1. The People

Your vibe attracts your tribe. In the case of Valo Solutions, this couldn’t be more true. What started with just a few people behind Valo, quickly escalated to a global family. #ValoVibes are highly infectious and have caught on at a rapid speed around the globe! No matter where you might be in this world, if you run into any member part of the Valo family, you can be rest assured there’ll be smiles, laughter, and a good time.

We unite together around the globe through various in-person events, online activities, and projects. The team behind Valo knows that its success relies on the success of its partners and the happiness of its customers. That is why the support system is unbeatable here at Valo: we go beyond “business relationships” to form strong connections through friendships.

Throughout the years, like in any household, some of the Valo family went off to spread their wings elsewhere, some are no longer with us but many more have joined our community since. One thing remains true though: whether you only crossed paths with Valo momentarily or have been part of the journey for a longer period, being a member of the #ValoFamily lasts forever.

#ValoLove over the years

2. La vie in Pink

The way we choose to see the world creates the world we see. Valo always chose to see the world in pink-colored lenses. At Valo booths and within its branding, it’s always been easy to identify the feeling behind the bright colors we stand for that create a sense of warmth and adoration.

Never a dull moment, Valo always creates a sense of belonging and a bright optimistic, and fun surrounding whether it may be in person or online. If you haven’t gotten to know the Valo brand yet, well you’ll automatically know once you see it. We do Rosé all day, every day!

The Valo Team at the M365 Collaboration Conference in Las Vegas, December 2021

3. Products made with #ValoLove

Valo products have always emphasized employees’ needs and their experience. It’s no wonder we have won so many awards over the years for our intranet and various other digital workplace solutions. Valo’s product and software designers not only put a lot of thought into the design but do so with a lot of passion.

More recently, we’ve teamed up with analytics gurus tyGraph and also with one of the world’s top internal communications platforms, Staffbase. The journey over the years took us to many new heights and changes to adapt to the needs and wants of consumers, and let us tell you, now it’s looking brighter than ever! Just see for yourself the amazing trek Valo has accomplished over the last few years with our digital and hybrid workplace tools. Or better yet, take a tour of the award-winning products for yourself.

Valo Journey 2015-2022


Join us and be part of the #ValoCommunity, whether you may have an interest to become a Valo Partner or would like to know about any Valo products, we are happy to help! Come be part of the #ValoLove

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