Putting YOU First in a Digital World.

Wellness in the digital workplace

“Take a day off” seems to be the common phrase to the burnout pandemic trend that seems to be sweeping the world by storm. Working remotely has many beautiful perks, but with the last two years having many of us confined between four walls and with new variants constantly on the rise, we learned that it’s okay to lose ourselves amidst the work we do that gives us purpose.

With the many more challenges ahead of us, how can we ensure to put ourselves first amidst all that? With travel restrictions still in place for some, and staycations becoming repetitive at this point. It’s time we open up to the idea of a soulcation. Now before you start thinking of heading on a yoga retreat to Peru, there are many other ways to ground yourself without having to go through those lengths.

Valo provides you with all the tools you need in order to facilitate your digital and hybrid workplace but it’s only by working on yourself that you’ll enhance your success at work and your company culture.

Here are 7 ways you can practice putting yourself first this year, all the while being successful at work:

1. Make Goals and follow through

Naturally, this one seems like a no-brainer but now more than ever it’s easy not to follow through with any resolutions with all the constant changes taking place in the world. What have you put aside in the past few months? Did you want to take up guitar, run a 5k? Well, be accountable for it and get the whole company on it too.

Valo, powered by Staffbase starts the year off right by getting all the members of the company to set personal goals and reminders to accomplish them. A Valo Team goal board! Make your employees feel like their personal achievements are just as valid as the company ones to get your team engaged. Start a new hobby or if you are feeling brave, become a triathlete like our dedicated Microsoft MVP & software architect Alexey Sadomov. Time to put away those chips and crunch on some goals instead.

2. Take your meetings outdoors

If you make it an option, you won’t enforce it. Set up an emoji in your meeting title to encourage a stroll outdoors 🚶🏽‍♂️👩‍🦽 when possible. Our Chief Sales Officer, Juha Koivula always sets a great example as he’ll occasionally take meetings while walking in the rain or shine and even snow. That gives the rest of us no excuses to follow through in his footsteps.

“Stanford researchers found that walking boosts creative inspiration. They examined creativity levels of people while they walked versus while they sat. A person’s creative output increased by an average of 60 percent when walking.”

3. Think ahead of the game

If you’ve been in you’re role for a while, you know what’s coming. Rather than waiting for the work to be piled on, take initiative prior by asking others what you need beforehand rather than having any tasks assigned to you at the last minute. It’ll fall back on you in the end anyway, so why stress yourself over it when you can go in it fully prepared.

4. Have “Awe” Moments

Can’t stress this one enough. Find little things each day that’ll take your breath away. A good place to start is connecting with nature, it’s always sure to ground you whether you are able to explore the wonders of the world by yourself or with others.

The Valo team did just that on a recent work-related trip in Las Vegas. We spent one-morning kayaking together as a team through the black canyon and let me tell you, it put everything into perspective for everyone and brought the team that much closer. So what brings awe to your day today?

Valo Team kayaking through the Black Canyon

5. Set Boundaries

Our greatest strengths are at the same time our greatest weaknesses. Practice saying No, delegate your tasks when needed, (actually) take time off are just of the ones were all quite often guilty of not practicing ourselves.

Funny enough by doing those things, your team will strengthen, your company will be more successful and you will be living a more balanced work-life environment. So find your bubble, and know when to draw the line; your colleagues and leaders we’ll respect you more when you respect yourself.

6. Check-in, but with yourself!

Checking in with yourself is making space each day to see how you’re doing. We do it with colleagues and clients all the time but when was the last time you asked yourself those questions? What is not working for me, what do I need, what am I proud of or what can I let go of are great starting points.

By staying in tune with yourself, you’ll be more present for your colleagues and be able to make wiser decisions when it comes to your work. So go on, take a second to ask yourself how are you?

7. Give yourself a minute

Just, breathe and if no one told you today, then remind yourself that you are kind, you are smart and you are important. Now, let everything go, do you and go get ’em.

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