People Behind Valo: Sari Soinoja – A Three Time Product Owner

Sari Soinoja, along with her team has been working very hard to get the first version of the Valo Entrance out! On top of that, Sari has been intensely engaged our Valo Intranet and Valo Extranet as she has taken the role of Product Owner of these three products.

In this series, we get to know the People behind Valo! More behind the scenes and the introductions can be found under the “Careers” and “People” tags. If you want to be one of us, see our open careers or hit us up with an open application.

Clear understanding comes from different roles

Sari has been working with the Valo Product Suite for quite some time. Before joining the Valo Team, she was working in Blue Meteorite, the mother company behind Valo, as Senior Consultant for almost five years. More specifically, she delivered Valo project to customers, but also maintained them before that.

Working in a team for 20 Valo delivery projects, she worked as a Lead Consultant, Trainee, Project Manager and Installer. Sari has developed a clear understanding of the Valo products and how they are being delivered to customers.

“Consulting has given me an overall picture of the process; how an intranet is usually taken into use and what different functions are needed from an intranet. Giving the end-user trainings and information architecture workshops with the customer have given me the insight on what are the main pain points of end-users and how to ease them in product development.”

Sari, on the right is at Ignite Tour Copenhagen 2020

From an idea to a new product

In her role, Sari has the unique opportunity in seeing the product go from just an idea, to the creation of the actual product. With a team filled with “really cool & crazy bunch of professionals”, the process of creating in Valo is not only rewarding but also enjoyable!

“I have the amazing opportunity to see the product evolve in every release with new features that born as a simple idea and then grow to be fulfilling part of our product that can make people’s life easier or just bring them joy.”

Her most memorable moments with Valo have been the creation of our new product Valo Entrance, since it was literally built from the ground up. Built feature by feature towards a specific goal and into an exceptional product helping out the IT Admins, Project Managers and Security Officers with OOTB SharePoint external user access management.

Diverse Valo Family & life after work

Making a great product comes with working with a great team! Sari gets to work alongside an international, and diverse team of almost 70 professionals. Although these exceptional times have brought the team to a whole new level of physical distance (even from a Finn’s perspective), Sari appreciates the effort of maintaining a high spirit through virtual coffee breaks and after-work sessions with a lot of laughter and bad jokes.

Life outside work hours keeps Sari quite busy. From running after her toddler to running with a basketball on the court in hand, Sari does her best to always stay on her toes! And when she’s not… she finds herself relaxing on the sofa by a good movie with a glass of her favorite smoky scotch. “Sláinte!” she says, which translates into “for your health”.


I think we can all learn something from Sari and couldn’t be prouder to have her as the Product Owner of multiple Valo products! If you want to be a part of this ever-growing Valo Team, take look on why you should join us from the video below.

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