How to Create a Seamless Employee Experience Inside Microsoft Teams

a seamless employee experience inside Microsoft Teams

It’s likely your organization rapidly launched Teams in the pandemic to facilitate remote work. Now your employees are working in the platform daily – collaborating, communicating and co-authoring, having little reason leave. Which is why it’s important to create a seamless employee experience inside Microsoft Teams by integrating your intranet and other digital workplace tools inside the platform.

Morning routines of opening a default intranet homepage on a browser have given way to your employees clicking straight on the little blue Teams icon and starting their day there.

Although Microsoft Teams is undoubtedly a great productivity tool, it doesn’t do everything. It’s not the best tool for group-wide comms or branding. Plus, your employees still have to navigate away from the platform to access other Microsoft 365 and third-party digital workplace tools.

A seamless employee experience inside Microsoft Teams

That’s why smart IT teams are now looking at ways of offering their employees a smoother experience inside Teams. Taking an employee-centric approach, they want to give their employees all the right tools at their fingertips inside Teams.

Launching just one app in the morning, rather than five, will undoubtedly make their employees’ day a whole lot smoother and more productive.

However, we know that companies typically have multiple tech stacks, different integration points and enterprise architecture underpinning their digital workplaces. Provisioning all these data sources in a central point is a hard and technical job.

Which is why we’ve built Valo Connect.

Not only does Valo Connect enable you to bring your company’s intranet inside Teams. It can do so much more.

In collaboration with a Valo Partner, or using your own in-house dev team, you can use Valo Connect to bring custom developed experiences from your CRM, or Dynamics, right into Teams. You can even connect it to third party apps, such as the HR tool Xero, bringing them directly into the platform too.

In fact, you can use Valo Connect to bring any kind of business level system, or information that you want, and provision it inside Teams.

4 practical ways to integrate your digital workplace tools inside Teams

Connect third-party apps inside Microsoft Teams with Valo Connect.

Let’s take a look at four examples of how you can do this in practice:

1. IT

With Valo Connect’s extensibility model it so much easier for your dev teams to build customized solutions using Power Apps, provisioning them right inside Teams.

Using Power BI, your IT team can also create a single, personalized dashboard where your users can view all their business data in one place.

Digital experiences, like documents, calendar, etc. can be surfaced by Microsoft Graph . Plus, data sources, backed by Azure Active Directory, can allow secure access to external data .

As Valo Connect has built-in tools to enable governance and administration, this means you’ll always stay in-control of it’s roll-out across your environment.

2. Sales

A lot of people have been using Dynamics to build out customer facing interfaces, but users typically have to navigate to separate portals, which are often clunky and not very user friendly.

With Valo Connect, you can bring your Dynamics data, or data from any CRM sales tool, directly into Teams.

With Valo’s modern user interface, you can create a user-friendly dashboard inside Teams, something that’s not been possible in SharePoint.

This means sales teams can see tailored information such as their targets and deals they’re working on. Or even organization-wide delivery and revenue pipeline, stats and information on their current sales numbers, all in a single view personalized dashboard experience.

3. HR

Until now, users have had to navigate away to systems outside of the Microsoft ecosystem. However, with Valo Connect you can provision third-party apps and custom templates based on other data points and plug-ins inside Teams.

For example, using Valo Connect you can create an HR specific app that not only provisions Microsoft-based HR tools, such as open positions or events, you can plug in, for example, the third-party, cloud-based HR management system Xero too.

This means all HR-related documents, tools and information, such as your users’ annual leave balance, can be housed in a single app inside Teams.

4. Comms

It’s no longer realistic to expect your employees to constantly switch between the intranet and Microsoft Teams. Using Valo Connect you can bring your Valo Intranet, or soon any SharePoint-based intranet, right inside Teams.

Not only will this enable your comms team to aggregate news it will connect your employees to each other as well.

Your comms team can also drive the company culture and enhance employee engagement by consolidating all corporate comms in one place.

Employees can create their very own personalized dashboard in Teams

Valo Connect is a really clever tool – from Valo Connect release 2.0 onwards, the new “Connect Me” function will mean every employee will be able to create their very own personalized dashboard.

They can tailor and personalize their Valo Connect dashboard based on their job/role/department and which information they need to see in one glance.

Every employee can create their own personalized dashboard with Valo Connect’s “Connect Me” function.

The “Connect Me” dashboard will allow employees to aggregate their most important and relevant information streams, as well as chats, into a single personal view.

With Valo Connect, employees can create their very own personalized dashboard so they can see all relevant tools, chats & information in one place.

In once glance, your employees can stay informed, or take further action on information served up from their calendar, My documents, HR Events and Business Insights.

The aim of Valo Connect is to provide your users with a single source of truth inside Teams. By leveraging the power of Valo Connect, your employees can connect to the people, conversations, files, news, information and personalized content that will enable them to be productive inside Teams, from anywhere, on any device.


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