SharePoint’s 20th Anniversary: 20 Reasons We Still Love SharePoint

SharePoint's 20th Anniversary

SharePoint’s 20th Anniversary is this weekend! Ahead of the birthday celebrations on Saturday we asked our Valo friends, partners, and family why they still love the document management and collaboration tool after all these years.

From community, to its continual evolution, as well as helping us to solve complex business challenges – there were many reasons to still love SharePoint.

Our relationship with SharePoint goes far back as 2001, when Blue Meteorite, our former mother company that used to be a mix of Valo and a Finnish IT consultancy branch, was formed. The Valo Story started back in 2015, and we’ve had six amazing years building our solutions on top of SharePoint since then.

On SharePoint’s 20th anniversary week, we pay tribute to our long-standing friend. Here are 20 reasons our friends, Valo Partners and the Valo community still love SharePoint!

1. It’s constantly evolving

“SharePoint has been part of my career since day one. This platform has been constantly evolving and I can just say that working with SharePoint in Microsoft 365 is a fantastic experience!”

Jarbas Horst, Microsoft MVP + Valo Teamwork Product Owner

SharePoint's 20th Anniversary
Microsoft MVP Jarbas Horst loves how SharePoint has evolved over the years (and its swag!).

2. It’s a powerful platform

“I love to work with SharePoint because it challenges you everyday and forces to know something new constantly. It’s very powerful platform with a lot of possibilities which knowledge comes with experience. You have to be strong mentally and on professional level to work with it.”

Alexey Sadomov, Microsoft MVP + Technical Lead, Valo

3. It helps solve complex business challenges

“Coming from a non-Microsoft ecosystem, more than 15 years ago, I can say that without SharePoint I wouldn’t be where I am today. Being part of the transition from a complex to manage on-premises product to a smooth and always available cloud solution was a great experience. SharePoint is a platform that provides so many ways of solving complex business challenges – that for me it will never be boring to work with.”

Erwin van Hunen, Microsoft MVP + Engineering Lead, Valo

4. It provides a solid foundation and building blocks for further development

“The reason why SharePoint has been so popular with Microsoft 365 app development is that it gives us so many building blocks to work with. In addition to traditional features like Security, Search, Taxonomy etc., SharePoint also integrates nicely with building blocks from other Microsoft areas like Azure Functions, Microsoft Graph, Power Automate allowing even more robust app development platform. This allows App developers to focus more on solving business problems as opposed to worrying about technical issues.”

Vardhaman Deshpande, Microsoft MVP + Valo Ideas Product Owner

5. It facilitates an interesting career

SharePoint is the reason why I’m in IT. It has offered me the most interesting career and for several years now I have just been ignoring people who laugh at me or look at me in disbelief when I say “I really like SharePoint” :lol: . Because I do! SharePoint isn’t always the easiest platform to work with, but like with any complex spirit, when you give it some love and understanding, the collaboration will flourish.”

6. Its an amazing community

“I love SharePoint because … I don’t think there’s a comparable community of professionals who know the ecosystem inside-out. And it is a community that contributes feedback to each other – customers, partners, and the software vendor, all work together to bring great solutions to people from all walks of life. I feel privileged to be part of this diverse community, and to be paid doing it!”

Mark Powney, Valo Connect Product Owner

7. It has fantastic customization possibilities

“I started my career with SharePoint back in 2010 and soon became aware of its powerful capabilities. I absolutely loved the customization possibilities it provided in those days, which enabled me to build complex solutions and tailored experiences on top of SharePoint. One of the best things about SharePoint is its ability to constantly evolve and its amazing community. During all these years, it has taught me to adapt and learn new trends, along the way. Because of all these reasons, SharePoint will always remain close to my heart.”

Devang Bhavsar, Software Architect, Valo

8. It’s the best tool for the job!

“For a lot of people SharePoint has been a love-hate relationship – although everyday more in love. Back in a day, as a salesman, when someone would complain loudly, I would answer “Yeah, you are right about that – but it is still the best tool for the job.” And after all the years, it still is!”

JP Wirta, Chief Growth Officer, Valo

9. It’s versatile

“Dear #ValoLoved SharePoint! I got first introduced to you a bit more than a decade ago in a customer project. I’ve learned to know you very well over the years, and your versatility, regenerability and vitality of the community around you never ceases to amaze me! SharePoint!, I’ll raise a toast to You and the wonderful MS community! Happy birthday!”

Jarmo Kuusinen, Chief Product Officer, Valo

10. It really improves how companies operate

For me, SharePoint has been the backbone and main stay of my career. I have seen and deployed many solutions to organisations that have really changed and improved how they operate. SharePoint is King and Queen….

11. It ‘s the perfect platform to build an app on

“I’m in love with SharePoint because… it’s so tightly integrated with Microsoft Graph through its APIs and Microsoft Search that it makes it the perfect platform to build your next app on!”

Sébastien Levert, Microsoft MVP, Senior Program Manager at Microsoft

12. It’s home for content, collaboration & processes

“I’m in love with SharePoint because… for the past 20 years it’s been our ‘home’ for content, collaboration and processes.”

Justin Short, Chief Operating Officer, Valo Premium Partner, Synergi

Justin Short, from Synergi, also loves SharePoint for the epic parties, including this pool party in Las Vegas SP2012.

13. It has kept us in work…

“The work related to the SharePoint technology has essentially paid my salary ever since I graduated (i.e. 15 years and counting).”

Juha Koivula, Valo Business Lead, North America

14. Its content management, content services + employee engagement tools

“I still love SharePoint because it is an ever-evolving product and I have been there every step of the way – from content management, collaboration, communication, content services and now employee engagement with Microsoft Viva Connections.”

Noorez Khamis, Valo Premium Partner, Microsoft MVP, VP Technology, Creospark

15. Its like family

For me, the SharePoint community is my chosen family that I want to be with! It’s part of my life. My extended and virtual family.

16. It allows us to build experiences together within the community

“Best thing about SharePoint is the community behind of it. SharePoint really has the best community in the world and it’s great to see the similar mindset now being extended across Microsoft 365. Building capabilities and experiences together with the community. Sharing is caring!”

Vesa Juvonen, Principal Program Manager, Microsoft

17. It’s a mentor and friend

The SharePoint community is a collective mentor and friend, balancing work and life in the knowledge it imparts and the care it gives. #communityrocks.

18. Its lists

“I love SharePoint because it makes a list much more than just a list! All the potential and benefit of a plain SharePoint list – just incredible!”

Michael Vonlanthen, CTO + Member of the Strategy & Steering Board, ADVIS AG

19. It’s been the best career move

“Started with SharePoint 14 years ago and turned out to be the best career move I ever made.”

Tomi Tavela, Microsoft MVP, Software Architect at RND Works

Tomi Tavela’s memorabilia and award. He says working in SharePoint is the “best career move” he’s ever made.

20. It’s a well-rounded solution

I have been working with SharePoint my whole career and happy to see it still inspiring and igniting our partners and customers. It is a well-rounded solution for even the most complex customer scenarios and evolving even after 20 years.

SharePoint’s 20th anniversary

SharePoint is celebrating its birthday this weekend. It will have Microsoft officials and MVPs, panels and discussions, jokes, and a live concert. Register here to join the fun in your time zone. We hope to see you there!

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