Showcase past and present Board Member bios in a modern, beautiful way in SharePoint

My last blog post was all about building Board of Directors site within your own Office 365 tenant using tools you already have rather than purchasing another one. This is a follow-on post to demonstrate how to showcase your past and present Board Member bios to the rest of the organization in a modern, beautiful way. All it takes is some SharePoint information architecture, modern pages, page templates, and search! Let’s dig in. 

Setup – Authoring site 

Provision an authoring site where all Board Member bio pages will be created. This site should be viewable by everyone in the organization. We’ll call our site “Board of Directors”. 

Build a custom site page content type on the site called “Board Member bio” with the following metadata and include it in the Site Pages library: 

  • BoardYear (Managed Metadata column: 2018-2019, 2019-2020, etc.) Make this a multi-select column 
  • BoardMemberSince (Points to same Managed Metadata term set as above: 2018-2019, 2019-2020, etc.) Make this a single-select column 
  • BoardPosition (Choice: President, Secretary, Treasurer, Member) 

Board Member bio site content type

Build a new “Board Member bio” page and save it as a page template. Create an interesting layout/structure you want all Board bio pages to follow. In the template, include instructions for the page author to ensure consistency across all Board pages during the authoring process. Also, add a Page Properties web part to include the Board member’s position and Board Year metadata properties. 

Board Member bios template

Note: When you save the page as a template, it appears below the other page templates when you create a new page on the site making it very quick and easy for the board administrator to create new ones for all Board Members! (image) 

Board Member Bios template page

For each Board member, create a new page from the “Board Member bio” template, naming it the name of the Board Member and updating the metadata (Position, Board Year, Board Member since) for each. In the site pages below, there are 4 Board Member bio pages added for the 2019-20 board year (yellow star) and 4 Board Member bio pages added for the 2018-19 board year (blue star). I’ll show how to build summary pages to highlight board members from each of those years further down. 

Setup – consuming site 

On the site you want to showcase your Board Member bios (Could be the corporate Intranet, Corporate Communications site, etc): 

  • Build a custom site page content type, “Board Member summary”, no custom metadata 
  • Build a “Board Member Summary” template page with a Highlighted Content Web Part pointing to the authoring site collection above with the following custom query  where ContenttypeId and owstaxIdBoardYear are the managed properties from the search schema based on our metadata properties on the Board bio pages (you cannot use the Filter for this since we need a compound condition): ContentTypeId:<yourcontenttypeId> AND owstaxIdBoardYear:’CCYY-YY’ 

I did not have success using either the ContentType nor SPContentType managed properties in the custom query box above. The ContentTypeId worked consistently well. 

Note: The above template page will be used to add a summary page each year to showcase all Board Members for the board year. 

What the Board Administrator should do each board year: 

  1. Add a new managed metadata value for the new Board Year 
  2. On the authoring site, for returning board members… edit their current Board Member bio page and update the value of their Board Year page property to include the new Board Year 
  3. On the authoring site, for new board members… add a new Board Member bio page from the template for each new Board Member. Name the page the name of the Board Member and update the page properties for the Board Member (Position, Board Year, Board member since) 
  4. On the consuming site, create 1 page from the “Board Member Summary” template page for the new Board year. Name the page “<CCYY-CCYY> Board Members” and update the custom query on the Highlighted Content web part for the new board year to be as follows: ContentTypeId:<yourcontenttypeId> AND owstaxIdBoardYear:’CCYY-YY’ 

Following along from our example above, here are the 2018-19 and 2019-20 bio summary pages. When you open each page, the Board member’s name, bio, position, and year will appear. Sweet! 

Bring it all together 

Build one modern site page called “Our Past and Present Board Members”. This page will show thumbnails to all “Board Member Summary” pages by year. To accomplish this, add a Highlighted Content Web Part with the following filter on the page: 

This is an example of what the overall page will look like that highlights the board years and their Board Member bios profiles: 

My Thoughts 

I think this is a fantastic way to showcase your own Board Members to staff in a consistent, modern, responsive way (could also be used for committees). All it takes is modern pages, some information architecture, page templates, and search web parts. It’s a powerful combination. 

Credit: Image by Coffee Bean from Pixabay 


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