5 Steps to a Complete Employee Workplace Experience

Employee-Centric Workplace Experience

Employee Experience is more than just the catch phrase of the year: it’s one of the key metrics needed to increase your business profits and success.

In the last decade, repeated studies have shown that many of the most competitive and successful organizations around the world have something in common: they all place high value on the employee experience (EX). That’s why the best organizations attract and retain the most innovative, agile, and dedicated employees who drive company profits.

Employee-Centric Workplace Experience

EX is about putting the employees at the centre of your company’s focus. EX is a holistic approach to ensure all the touchpoints your employees have with your company provide the best possible workplace experience.

Gone are the days when work was an exchange of time for money: now the most valuable employees want to make sure their work is valued, their needs are met, and their time is well spent. They are attracted to companies who ‘prepare the table’: companies who invest in the right tools conducive to success both in their workplace duties and in their individual, professional goals as well.

The relationship between a positive, helpful customer experience (CX) and increased company profit margins is obvious. What may seem less obvious is that the people working in the company, the employees, are directly responsible for CX. And when a company empowers their employees to perform their best, the company profits increase.

How To Bring Out Your Employee’s Best Work

Creating an environment where your employees are engaged, successful and meet their workplace goals is no longer a guessing game, as many might think. There have been enough studies conducted, and enough experts consulted, to take out most of the guesswork. Even with the Covid-19 pandemic, when many workers have been forced into remote or hybrid working, the 6 basic principles of EX remain the same:

  1. Connection – employees need to feel they are a trusted, valued and connected to their workplace ‘community’.
  2. Empowerment – employees need easy access to the resources necessary to make informed decisions and achieve their workplace goals for the betterment of the organization. 
  3. Focus – employees need to have a clear understanding of company expectations, what success looks like for their job description and to be free of interruptions and obstacles that distract them from the flow of work. 
  4. Growth – employees need the opportunity to learn new skills, achieve goals and progress within their professional careers.
  5. Purpose – Employees need to be part of a bigger company picture and understand how the work they do helps their colleagues and customers.
  6. Well-being – Employees need to feel safe, valued, and irreplaceable in their workplace. 

In a remote or hybrid workplace, these 6 principles can only be achieved with the right tools for the job. No matter the job description, every employee needs to have open lines of communication with the company and directly with their team-mates. Employees need to be able to easily access all the resources necessary to realize their full working potential and they need customizable tools that can grow and change as they do.

Valo Solution’s Toolbox – Designed To Empower EX

Valo provides award-winning tools to enhance the employee experience overall from start to finish. Whether working from home, from the office or from a café down the road, all Valo’s platforms are designed to provide a better, seamless workplace experience.

Valo’s solutions are customizable to accommodate both the unique goals of your company and of individual employees. The ground-breaking features also remove many of the pain points that you may not even realise are holding up the flow of work and slowing down your company’s progress, such as: 

1. Remove the content friction

Creating, consuming, and even just finding content amongst the company archives can be tedious, time consuming and disrupt the flow of work. Valo’s advanced, brandable content creation templates and powerful search engine capabilities empower employees to stay in the flow and get more out of every workday.

2. Focus on personalised communication

Valo enables personalized digital workplace solutions instead of one size fits all. Valo helps you can consolidate a wholistic employee experience into one single, customizable digital platform.

With Valo, each employee can build their own workstation. They can pin and prioritize the tools they need most, chat, meet, ideate, schedule, and even import files, emails and their personal ToDo list right into Microsoft Teams.

3. Make it easy to find resources and information

According to a study conducted in 2020 by Spiceworks Ziff Davis, most employees spend an astonishing 5-8 weeks every year looking for the files or data they need to complete their daily tasks. Valo’s inclusive search functionality can be customized to search for content from many different sources, such as SharePoint, Microsoft Teams, the intranet, and even from external internet sources. With Valo’s simple master key search, employees can find any document they need in an instant – wherever it’s been misfiled.

4. Ensure employees have access to ongoing learning and development

Valo’s Employee Experience Platform (EXP) also provides tools to support and distribute employee learning, growth, and development modules, as well as onboarding tools for all employees of your company. With Valo, you can even access analytics to follow up on how the learning modules have been adopted around employees.

5. Reduce the context switching and stay in the flow of work

One platform to rule them all. You choose what tools, business applications and channels you want to adapt and Valo helps you succeed in creating an effective and inspirational flow of work.

Valo EXPs offer a better and more complete employee experience in one easy location.

How? By bringing all the chosen tools into one, easy to use platform with an advanced cross-search function. So your employees don’t need to interrupt their workflow or switch platforms to find an email, a colleague, chat with a client, find forms or even get company-wide updates. Your employees can simply log-in each morning and their entire workplace experience is accessible in one place.  And when work hours are finished, they can close their laptops and return to their families satisfied of a job well done.

It’s all part of a complete employee experience.


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