Taking Task Management in Microsoft Teams to the Next Level

Making sure you don’t get lost in the endless sea of information inside Microsoft Teams can be difficult. It is a great tool for having those team meetings online instead of face-to-face, but once people get excited about it you usually end up with hundreds of teams floating around, with information becoming impossible to find. This is why we’ve created Valo Teamwork to help you take your task management in Microsoft Teams to the next level.

You can use Valo Teamwork to create a structure for all your teams, including things such as:

  • the channels and tabs you have in your teams
  • the apps you want to have in all your teams
  • the document templates

Valo Teamwork helps you to keep on task in Microsoft Teams

But that’s not all you can do with Valo Teamwork. One of the most under-utilized gems hidden within Microsoft Teams is the ability to handle your tasks with Microsoft Planner. This tool can help every team member easily keep track of the status and the progress of their team.

For instance, here at Valo we use Planner to keep track of the various stages of the releases that we do across all Valo products.  For example, our stages are: “Planning it”, “Working on it”, “Release date decided”, “Moved to support” and “Shipped”.

Valo Teamwork allows us to save the structure of our Planner Plan as a template. So, for every new product we launch, we have the exact same stages (or ‘Bucket’ in Planner terminology!), with sample tasks to give people an idea how they can use it.

This is something that is only available through Valo Teamwork.

Valo Teamwork automates templates saving hours of time

Without Valo Teamwork users need to create a Microsoft Planner plan manually and from scratch. The time this takes depends on the size of the planner, the amount of content and the complexity of the tasks needed.

For example, let’s say you want to use Microsoft Teams to onboard new employees. You’ll need to create a new team for each employee plus a task list.

In Microsoft Teams, you’d have to do this manually by clicking on “Tasks by Planner” and adding a task tab. Then you’d have to populate an empty planner page. You’ll need to create buckets, followed by tasks and checklists. This has to be configured by hand and from scratch, every time.

However, Valo Teamwork automates this process entirely. Once you’ve created a baseline template, with all the configurations needed, including task descriptions, checklists etc., Valo Teamwork will automatically replicate it, saving your team hours of repeated manual inputting.

The table below show all the Planner components that Valo Teamwork supports in Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams.

Component Supported
Labels (categories) within a task
Bucket field within a task
Progress field within a task
Priority field within a task
Start date field within a task
Due date field within a task
Notes field within a task
Option “Show on card” for notes field within a task
Checklist within a task
Option “Show on card” for the checklist within a task
Attachments within a task
Option “Show on card” for attachments within a task
Comments within a task
Task’s owner (assignee) Not yet

The Planner templating feature is available from Valo Teamwork Release 1.22 onwards. Additionally, this is available as a free update with the Valo Fresh license for existing customers.

To get started with Valo Teamwork, book a demo with us and we’ll show you how it works! If you don’t have Valo Teamwork yet, read here about all the great governance features it can bring to your organization and how it can help you with task management in Microsoft Teams.

Valo Teamwork has new governance options

But that’s not all you can do with Valo Teamwork. Valo Teamwork has new governance options for templates.

task management in Microsoft Teams
When editing and creating templates, you can find the preconfigured possibilities.

For example, Power users will be able to define a minimum number of owners/members as well as to specify default owners/members in Valo Teamwork templates.

task management in Microsoft Teams
Valo Teamwork 1.23 has now more Governance options for templates Membership.

The supported number of templates has also increased considerably and can be used in Microsoft Teams, Microsoft 365 groups, and SharePoint sites. Plus, Valo Teamwork now supports 24 languages, including Croatian and Czech.

Valo Teamwork 2.0 is now live

Valo Teamwork’s latest release 2.0 is out now and available to new and existing customers. Teamwork 2.0 has lots of new features including Sensitivity Labels and Naming Policies.

Sensitivity Labels allow you to classify and protect content that is sensitive to your business. And Naming Policies enable you to apply naming conventions to individual templates.

Book a demo with us to find out how to use Valo Teamwork in Microsoft Teams for governance, lifecycle management, navigation and provisioning.

Vapo Group is successfully using Valo Teamwork

Want more ideas about how to use Valo Teamwork? Read Vapo Group’s story and find out how they are using Valo Teamwork to successfully manage their groups. Employees say it’s now so easy to see the groups they belong to and those available to join.

Everybody is happy with the modern Valo Teamwork, because it’s easy to use. Getting rid of the metadata-based libraries is also a relief for many people too.


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