The Evolution of SharePoint Intranets

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SharePoint is probably the most popular intranet platform in the world, but the great paradox is that there is actually no such thing as an “intranet” in SharePoint. Instead, SharePoint offers huge amount of building blocks from which the intranet can be built. And if some features are missing, you can always customize SharePoint to fulfill your needs. However, after 15 years of building SharePoint-based intranets, it is important to understand that many things have changed.

SharePoint intranets are evolving

Technically the biggest trend is moving intranets from own servers to the cloud. Microsoft’s widely popular Office 365 suite offers a flexible, cost-effective and continuously developing set of tools for the information workers. Office 365 forms the basis for a true digital workplace and is therefore also a natural “home” for the corporate intranet.

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SharePoint Online is included in Office 365, but when building an intranet on Office 365, you shouldn’t only look what SharePoint can offer. There are really cool features outside SharePoint like Yammer, Office 365 Video portal and Delve which you can make use of when building in your intranet.

For developers the biggest change that has happened recently is the way to do customizations. Transformation from using full trust code to SharePoint Add-in model has made coding SharePoint fun again! Using client-side code, REST APIs and remote provisioning from Azure, SharePoint is clean from customizations and there will be less worries with the Office 365 platform updates.

From static corporate intranet to social mobile intranet

At the same time when things are changing technically, intranet concepts are also evolving. Modern intranets are like internal social networks including a lot of discussions and communities. Change in the amount of user generated content is huge compared to the old days when intranet was mainly for publishing internal news and instructions. Also new, more efficient ways to communicate, especially videos are coming at full force to the intranets.

When in the past intranets were mainly used at work, within working hours and with the corporate PC, modern intranets are used anywhere, anytime and with any device. Userbase is also wider since field workers with smartphones can access modern intranets as well. Intranets are not anymore only for information workers only!

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A new SharePoint trend: intranet-in-a-box

In the past, SharePoint intranet projects may have been painful experiences. Fortunately, there are nowadays easier alternatives to complex, long-lasting and expensive SharePoint intranet projects. Intranet-in-a-box solutions, like Valo Intranet, are easy to buy, bring in to use and adopt. They offer a cost-effective and risk-free alternative to custom intranet projects. So, the valuable time and money can be used to producing high-quality content, building new organizational culture and developing new working methods.

Valo Intranet is 100% Office 365 compatible social intranet with a modern user experience and comprehensive set of the most popular intranet features. Get in touch if you want to see a demo! Or if you want to get more information about intranets in general, download the free eBook below.


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