The future of work: Is your organization ready?

One thing’s for sure, the way we work is rapidly changing. In fact, the traditional workplace is completely evolving, and remote working is already commonplace globally.

But what does the future hold? How do companies redesign the modern workplace? AI and robotic automation may play a role, but the human element is still key for sparking fresh ideas, leading and creating unique work, and forging long-lasting relationships.

Microsoft’s vision for the future of work

Microsoft’s recent research on the ‘Future of Work’ highlights two key areas of note:

  • Emerging and changing modes of work – instead of traditional in-house work environments, we will see a rise in collaborative networks outside of the office
  • Changes in patterns and sites of work – there will be a shift in where and when work will be done. This includes use of smartphones and personal devices and also location, with employees working from multiple places

Smart systems for modern workplaces

The modern workplace today has many facets: larger global team structures, increased remote working, and travelling employees that need functional products to help them do their job.

As a result, professionals are looking for smart systems to help them drive forward and innovate.

Here at Valo, we’ve created our technology to help customers, businesses and employees work organically and flexibly together, across continents, remotely or in the office.

Mega trends of globalization and digitization

The rise of globalization and digitization has meant that companies now need to support their multi-lingual teams, global staff, and ever-increasing recruitment of remote professionals, across various time zones and platforms.

We’ve responded to these trends by designing a forward-thinking intranet system. Built on Microsoft Office 365 and SharePoint technology, Valo Intranet has been created to act as the core platform for all internal communication and teamwork within an organisation.

The beauty of Valo is that it’s intuitive to use and can be customized according to the end user’s needs. The stellar user experience continues on mobile, with the Valo Intranet mobile app, available for iOS and Android. This means Valo’s modern and mobile friendly intranet is accessible anytime, anywhere, and for everyone.

Islands of information

These days employees are expected to use varied platforms throughout their working day. Valo’s integrated system has been designed to serve as a central hub for everything – assisting our end users when they are connecting, planning, and creating work.

Valo’s seamless system for communications, Valo Teamwork, brings all collaborative projects together in one view. It provides a single dashboard that houses all groups in one place. Its search function allows quick access to current documents and discussions.

For ideation, Valo Idea Management encourages team members to share their thoughts and rewards creativity in the workplace too.

Valo’s Business Lead in North America, Juha Koivula, says that as a result of digitalization, many companies are already using digital tools to support their daily work.

Yet, with so many ‘islands of information’ people are struggling to keep up to date with everything happening in their workplace.

Remote working has penetrated even the most traditional companies and cultures. Today, people want one place to look at all the information needed in their daily work, not only on their desktop but on mobile too.

Juha Koivula, Valo’s Business Lead North America

Remote working here to stay

The benefits of remote working are becoming clearer, not only for budgets, but for productivity too. In a different Microsoft survey, 91% of the people interviewed said they felt more productive working remotely.

So, is a central hub the key to effective remote working?

Many believe so. In fact, the recent Intranet and Digital Workplace Awards 2019, ranked intranets as the “powerhouse of the digital workplace”.

We are proud of the tools we have created to help businesses and employees not only keep track of time and task management, aid brainstorming and planning with a global team, but to support projects 24/7 over numerous continents too.

Valo’s simple, user-friendly hub can reduce workloads by cutting down on unnecessary emails, administration, and allowing professionals using our products to just focus on getting the work done.

It’s all about collaboration

A study by McKinsey suggested that collaboration could improve a company’s productivity by 20 – 30%. And we know this to be true. Time and time again, our customers tell us that using Valo Teamwork has made collaboration much easier.

Valo Teamwork acts as the master board for tools such as OneDrive, Planner, SharePoint, Team Sites, and Yammer and it has been created on Microsoft cloud services, Office 365 and Azure. It supports both Office 365 and SharePoint Server 2016 and 2019.

The big advantage of using Valo Teamwork is that ongoing projects, teams, and collaborative working can be viewed together, all in an easy-to-use dashboard.

It also promotes a more efficient workplace from the get-go with its functionality: allowing the management of multiple work spaces, teams and groups, quick access to collaboration tools, storage of important documents for debate, administration or content creation.

Social communication model

Another social element is the chat option, allowing rapid communication between teams, especially in different time zones. Customers using Valo Teamwork can better manage their teams, whether they are working in-house or remotely.

Valo is continuing to develop solutions for the new work culture. Our vision is to provide our customers with a single hub, where all their digital information is housed. Everything they’ll need to do their jobs properly will be there.

Juha Koivula, Valo’s Business Lead in Valo North America

For team members working on projects, where quick answers or approvals are needed, using collaborative tools can be quicker than waiting for an email response, which is where open communication comes into its own.

Many people are switching to an open model of communication. Instead of using email, they are publishing content on MS Teams, so people can contribute and comment.

Juha Koivula, Valo’s Business Lead in Valo North America

With Valo, we’ve got you covered

The future of work remains to be seen, but expect it to become more networked and dynamic, with the emphasis on collaborative working.

Investment in advanced technologies for real people, helping them to collaborate and optimize their performance, will only continue.

Here at Valo, we have the tools that will take any team – in any workplace – into the future.

Read one of our customer reviews:

“Dexcom achieved a 25% reduction in the time it took employees to complete common tasks on the new Valo Intranet, 23% reduction in the number of clicks to complete the employee task, and finally a 305% improvement in employee satisfaction.” Chad Johnston, SharePoint Admin, Dexcom

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