To quit or not to quit? Work-Life balance as a Woman.

Have you ever known a woman who just did absolutely everything? From taking care of her children at home, to running her own company and cleaning the house when she had a minute to herself? We all know that hard-working and selfless person. We see her when we look at our mother, at our wife, at our boss, and sometimes when we look at ourselves in the mirror. Women continuously strive to have it all and do it all (Not that our men don’t) but with the world continuously changing, what does that mean for our female go-getters?

Working from home has its challenges. With the world’s current situation, women have significantly shifted their focus on family. Statistics have shown that as many as one-third or one-fourth of women in various regions around the world have considered quitting their jobs in order to focus on helping their children with virtual classroom learning. The shift to working from home has been overwhelming to some, many of which have faced burnouts because of it. With the current diminishing opportunities in the field of hospitality, leisure, retail, and tourism, female employees have also consequently lost their position at a higher rate than men. With women having so many incredible qualities to offer, why not nurture that within your own company culture. Why not embrace the pink and help women not only to secure career opportunities during a time of uncertainty but also allow them to strive within it. Now more than ever, corporations need to promote and nurture female roles in the workforce in order to ensure longevity of female positions in the long run. Let’s explore how shall we?

When we invest in women and girls, we are investing in the people who invest in everyone else.

Add a touch of pink to your company culture by practicing the following techniques to empower women in the working world.

A flexible working environment is a successful working environment.

With some moms taking care of their children at the same time as they have full-time jobs working from home, it’s crucial to allow flexibility within the digital workplace. That means, allowing your employees to be able to structure their schedule based on their needs throughout the day. Welcome the next generation to be part of your world by welcoming kids to pop in from time to time during your team’s meetings to say hello. By allowing your employees to be wonderful parents and wonderful mothers, you’re giving them space by allowing them to be incredible employees too.

Valo’s Shira Friedman & little Nuri in between meetings and bedtime stories in Australia

If you allow the women within your corporation to play small, they’ll stay small.
Women quite often have a great knack for paying attention to detail. They’re wonderful problem solvers and multi-talented on so many levels. Yet, it is a given fact that men apply to positions when they only meet 60% of the qualifications, but women apply only if they meet 100% of them. What does that say about the female counterpart? That they don’t give themselves enough credit. Especially in a male dominant environment, women tend to shy away from allowing their voice and opinion to be heard. If you provide them with opportunities to be involved, to take on leadership roles, if you’ll allow them to play big, you’ll be surprised how they’ll knock the ball right out of the park.

[quote_card_v2 author=”Juha Koivula” author_jobtitle=”Valo Business Lead North America”]Valo is a strong advocate of gender equality. 50% of our steering group members are currently women.[/quote_card_v2]

Just a few of the women behind Valo

A structured digital workplace
Working from home or remotely can be chaotic when on top of it, your employees have children screaming in the background or dishes to clean in between meetings. Life, simply put is hard enough as it is these days. Especially for those that are taking on additional tasks such as helping their kids with e-learning or caring for an elderly loved one at home. Why make it any harder on your employees when you can create structure and facilitate their daily work life by providing a cohesive work environment. Solutions such as Valo Connect allows you to combine all your platforms within Microsoft Teams making it the hub of your digital workplace. Check out the recording around the product launch and save your employees the headache of a disorganized workplace.


Don’t allow your employees to struggle in silence

Recent studies show that there is an alarmingly growing number of women that are moderately or highly anxious these days. More so than men and most likely due to all the additional changes or additional tasks surrounding their homes. Back to school and the return to the workforce for some could be the reasoning behind it. With the consumption of alcohol also as of recently on the rise, it’s clear that some of us more than others are struggling through these uncertain times. Invest in benefits which allow your employees to get the help they need whether it be through mental health services, financial advisement, or funding for their children’s daycare needs.

Women supporting women

Valo is proud to have recently joined The WIT Network. An online platform and community that supports women in career and tech advancements as well as diversity in the workforce. As a company, it’s important to encourage the woman from within your team to not only support each other but offer them communities such as The WIT Network in which they can have a safe environment to grow, connect and relate to some of these other issues women are facing today.

Looking for new talent within the team? Then why not tap into their pool of global female striving entrepreneurs. Include diversity and culture within your team and help pave the way for female opportunities within your workforce.

Corinne Sharp, President at Sharp Perspective | Co-Founder, Executive Director – The WIT Network

If you add some of the tips mentioned above to your digital workplace, you’re not only securing job opportunities in the long run for women and allowing them to be better employees; you’re allowing them to be more caring daughters, more loving wives, and more present mothers. Having an organized digital workplace and a company culture that cares allows your employees to have those special memories as bedtimes cuddles and kisses with their kids at night.

A day in the life of a woman in between meetings

In honor of October being breast cancer awareness month, Join the #ValoLovesPinkChallenge today to help create awareness around women’s wellbeing and show your support by encouraging women to strive forward in their careers during challenging times. It’s easy; post a picture of yourself wearing pink, create a heart with your hands above your head, and nominate 3 female friends or co-workers to do the same. The world just needs a little #ValoLove, let’s show women around the world that we got each other’s back.
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