Top 5 Reasons to Invest in an Intranet

There are so many good reasons to invest in an intranet. Gone are the days where they take forever to build and once live are impossible to find information on. Due to breakthroughs in cloud technology, and the success of Microsoft cloud services, Microsoft 365 and Azure, intranets are now connectors of people, information and places.

They’re quick to install and are intuitive to use. They are a place to build a common culture. They’re a tool to empower colleagues to not only create relevant content but to interact with it too.

The “black holes” of out-of-date content are a thing of the past. Intranets are no longer just a place to schedule holidays or do admin tasks. In fact, they’re a platform to really connect colleagues. They’re a place where people can collaborate. They’re a hub for employee engagement.

If you’re in an international company, or one spread over multiple sites, intranets are an invaluable way of bringing colleagues together in a common area with a single interface.

In these days where working patterns have changed dramatically, everyone can now access an intranet regardless of whether they’re desk-based, remote, hybrid or working in the field.

Top 5 reasons to invest in an intranet

Still wondering if intranets are worth investing in? Let’s explore the top five reasons why our customers invested in theirs.

1. Allows users to take advantage of Microsoft 365 collaboration suite, including Microsoft Teams

Many of our customers have recently started with Microsoft 365. Although some are using Microsoft Teams, many, when they come to us, still have no common, central point for their entire organization to meet and collaborate. In addition, many are still sharing organization-wide news via email.

After installing Valo Intranet our customers say they’ve accelerated their digital transformation and have revolutionized how they communicate with their colleagues.

Valo has given us a company-wide platform which is the linchpin of our communications. It offers all our employees everywhere access to important content.

Read the full customer story about how Silicon Austria Labs GmbH benefitted from installing Valo Intranet.

2. Enhances basic SharePoint, with customized branding that looks and feels like home

Typically, our customers are using legacy versions of SharePoint when they come to us. However, they want to upgrade and modernize the user experience.

Valo’s products are built 100 per cent on top of SharePoint and have been specifically designed to fill the gaps of the basic SharePoint package.

This means Valo Intranet offers a lot of additional features on top of SharePoint, such as the option of targeting news to affiliates or departments.

Amplexor's multilingual Valo Intranet
Case Study Amplexor: Fun, Flexible and User-Friendly Valo Intranet Helps Grow Internal Brand Culture

Plus Valo’s interactive platform, with flexible security and architecture, also enables our customers to share the right information, to the right people, at the right time, across the different layers of the organization.

We are regularly told that Valo Intranet’s tools allow comms teams to be more personal, fun, and informal in their communication style. They love how they can customize Valo with their in-house branding and style. This helps them to create a global culture that looks and feels like home.

Valo Intranet was key to improving the common culture within Amplexor. We now feel we have our unique brand voice and a corporate culture that is recognized by all. It has helped to create a feeling of belonging to a group.

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3. The no-code, low-code platform means content editors don’t have to rely on IT for support

Putting content creation in the hands of content editors, without the need to involve IT, is one of our customers’ main goals.

Intranets used to be managed by IT rather than the comms. However, both our IT and comms customers tell us how frustrating this process is.

We offer them a simple solution. Thanks to Valo’s user-friendly templates and toolbox our customers’ content editors and departments can create their own content with minimal input from IT. They can also add content and maintain their own pages independently as well.

Content owners can even make changes to custom templates and add new features without IT, further enhancing their content-creating capabilities.

Content creators in each department can create their own site pages without the help of IT or communications. It’s reassuring that Valo’s templates ensure that each page has the same look and feel. We just say to people, “Start with this. The other base elements are already there, such as the image carousel. All you have to do is write the text and choose a picture.” They don’t need to do any coding. So, it’s very easy to do.

Find out which Valo Intranet features Kuopio City Council love the most in our customer story.

4. Makes finding information and people so much easier

“Our existing intranet is incredibly hard to navigate or it’s impossible to find information or people on it”.

Sound familiar?

We hear this all the time. And we’ve solved this problem for so many of our customers!

Valo Intranet’s search-driven content hubs and People Finder tool are firm favorites with our customers. These features make it easy for users to filter search results, and find colleagues by their departments or skills.

Austrian-based Silicon Austria Labs uses the People Finder and customized Organization Chart in Valo Intranet to fit their needs.

My favourite memory was from the very first day we launched Valo Intranet. Our Chief People Officer – my boss – came up to me and she said, “I’ve been here for a year and a half and this is the first time I feel like I can actually find what I am looking for on the intranet”.

Pro tip: You can now install Valo Intranet inside Microsoft Teams with Valo Connect and find information and colleagues so much faster as a result! Plus, did you know that it only takes a few days to set up an intranet from scratch?

5. It’s a secure and safe way to communicate and share information

Since lockdown, our customers have wanted a safe and secure way to share information and communicate with colleagues working remotely.

They’ve wanted a platform where their colleagues can access information centrally, rather than relying on people sending documents via email or saving them to local drives.

With Valo’s mobile-friendly, cloud-based intranet, governance and security are of utmost importance. One of the huge selling points of Valo Intranet is that it keeps pace with Microsoft updates.

Many of our customers, such as healthcare providers and financial institutions, who handle highly confidential information, trust Valo Intranet not only because it keeps pace with Microsoft’s updates, but the Valo Fresh Subscription also ensures that it is continually updated and maintained too.

Valo Intranet has become a vital tool for St Oswald’s staff during the 2020 lockdown. Not only has it been used to communicate crucial information it has enabled staff to log on and work remotely, accessing their documents from home.


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