You Asked, We Built: What’s Coming Up in Valo Connect 3.0 Early Next Year

Valo Connect

Valo Connect‘s hotly anticipated release 3.0 will be out in January. Ahead of the official launch we wanted to give you a sneak peak at what’s coming up. As with all our product updates, we asked our customers and partners what they wanted us to build… and here’s what they suggested.

Viva Connections inside Valo Connect

From release 3.0 Connect users will be able to add the Viva Connections dashboard to their experience.

We will integrate two of Viva Connections’ most popular features into “Connect Me”.

  • Viva Connections Dashboard (adaptive cards) will be available to Connect 3.0 users from the end of January. This means Connect customers will have fast and easy-access to content, information, links and job-related tasks in a single dashboard (see illustration above).
  • Viva Connections Feed will also be available for Connect 3.0 customers so they can aggregate and display corporate communication content from sources across SharePoint, Yammer, and Stream into a single coherent feed.

This will give organizations using Valo Connect 3.0 a “single pane of glass” view of their digital workplace.

Find out how else Valo Connect enhances Microsoft Viva Connections.

“Connect Me” dashboard on your Intranet homepage

Our customers and partners have been asking us for Connect’s rich, personalizable experience in their intranet. And from release 3.0 this will be possible.

This is a great opportunity for customers starting out on their Microsoft Teams adoption story to get a taste of Valo Connect without going “all in” on Teams.

Improvements to the Connect Me “Add Widget” experience

We’re applying design-first principles to the Connect Me “Add Widget” experience, making it more focused and user friendly.

Valo Connect’s “Add Widget” experience will include new functionality making it faster and more user friendly.

From release 3.0 we’re including new functionality to the “Add Widget” panel including:

  • Widget categorization
  • Keyword search
  • Improved navigation experience

And for IT administrators… keep your eyes peeled – as we plan to add a “recommended widgets” section later on in the year.

Enhancements to your Intranet in Microsoft Teams experience

Valo Connect began its early life as a way of bringing your intranet inside Teams. Even with the arrival of Viva Connections earlier this year, we continue to see this as a valuable and unique asset for our customers.

However, we’re constantly looking at ways to improve the UX and from release 3.0 customers will be able to:

  • Use “Back” and “Forward” buttons to navigate in the Microsoft Teams/Valo Connect Intranet experience.
  • Open the current page they’re viewing inside Microsoft Teams in a web browser at the click of a newly designed button.

Valo Connect is helping our customers provide a fully integrated intranet and Microsoft Teams experience with one application. Furthermore it allows them to see their people directory and other company resources all from within Teams. It’s truly bringing all the various Microsoft 365 tools within one single pane of glass.

Third-party integrations

We know that employees are losing valuable time switching between Microsoft Teams and third-party vendor portals. As a result, we’ve been investigating ways of integrating them directly into Teams via Valo Connect’s “Connect Me” function.

We are pleased to say that the first of these integrations will happen in our next release in January.

  • ServiceNow users will be able to integrate the workflow specialist’s “Now Platform” into Teams via the “Connect Me” functionality.
  • Xero Accounting platform users will also say goodbye to app-switching and lost productivity.

Look out for more integrations later in 2022.

What our customers love about Valo Connect

Valo Connect is already helping hundreds of our customers realize the full potential of Microsoft Teams. But don’t just take our word for it. Gabby Cagliani, from Superior Rigging & Erecting Co., says it has “revolutionized” ways of working in her company.

Valo Connect has provided our team a more efficient experience by integrating our company intranet and Microsoft Teams. Employees are now able to locate all information quickly without having to toggle between multiple applications. It has been a revolutionary tool for our business!


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